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Title Call # or Release Date
24 Hours: Policerelease date 10/18/16
Above and beyondDVD ABO
Addiction incorporatedDVD ADD
American heroin addictsDVD AME
Assange Agenda, The: Surveillance, Democracy and You
The Babushkas of ChernobylDVD BAB
Batkid beginsDVD BAT
Bloodsworth: An Innocent Man
Bound by seaDVD BOU
Bowie: the man who changed the worldDVD BOW
Code: Debugging the Gender Gaprelease date 11/15/16
A dangerous gameDVD DAN
Defying the Nazis : the Sharps' warDVD DEF
A farmer's roadDVD FAR
FastballDVD FAS
Fatherhood 101DVD FAT
Finding PhilDVD FIN
Gleasonrelease date 11/01/16
I know a woman like thatDVD IKN
In Defense of Food
In my father's houseDVD INM
Incarcerating USDVD INC
Indian Pointrelease date 10/25/16
Jackie RobinsonDVD JAC
Killing them safelyDVD KIL
The last man on the moonDVD LAS
Life, animatedDVD LIF
Meet the renegadesDVD MEE
The Messengeron order
Of Men and WarOn Order
Policing the policeDVD POL
Prescription thug$DVD PRE
The professor : Tai Chi's journey westDVD PRO
Pursuing happinessDVD PUR
Requiem for the American dreamDVD REQ
Rising Tides
Secrets of the Dead - After Stonehengerelease date 12/27/16
Shadows of libertyDVD SHA
Somewhere else tomorrowDVD SOM
Steve Jobs : the man in the machineDVD STE
A Subprime Educationrelease date 12/06/16
They will have to kill us firstDVD THE
Three days in AuschwitzDVD THR
Time for Schoolrelease date 11/22/16
To Joey, With Loverelease date 12/20/16
UnbrandedDVD UNB
Vaxxed : from cover-up to catastrophe.DVD VAX
We come as friendsDVD WEC
Women he's undressedDVD WOM