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Title Call # or Release Date
12 o'clock boysDVD TWE
After tiller
Against the grain : the year mother nature struck back.DVD AGA
Alejandro jodorowsky - the dance of realityrelease date 8/25/2014
Bee people
BoredomDVD BOR
A Brony taleDVD BRO
Brothers in warDVD BRO
Campaign of hate: russia and gay propaganda
Fed up
Finding Vivian MaierDVD FIN
Francis : the Pope from the New WorldDVD FRA
Genius on holdDVD GEN
Ghost bird
Gmo omg
The great floodDVD GRE
The greater goodDVD GRE
The hidden art of IslamDVD HID
The hornet's nest
The hornet's nest
Inside combat rescue : the last standDVD INS
The Jewish cardinalFOREIGN DVD JEW
Jodorowsky's DuneBLU RAY DVD JOD
The last of the unjustrelease date 9/23/2014
Made in AmericaDVD MAD
Manakamanarelease date 8/19/2014
Mirage men
ReporteroFOREIGN DVD 079.7223 R
Too hot for BurnDVD TOO
The unknown knownDVD UNK
WatermarkDVD WAT