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Author Title Call #
How the Grinch stole ChristmasDVD H
Edward ScissorhandsDVD E
The apartmentDVD A
The shop around the cornerDVD S
Stalag 17DVD S
The bishop's wifeDVD B
White ChristmasDVD W
The bells of St. Mary'sDVD B
Grumpy old menDVD G
DinerDVD D
Home alone 2 : lost in New YorkDVD H
ScroogedDVD S
Love actuallyDVD L
A Christmas storyDVD C
Surviving ChristmasDVD S
Tokyo GodfathersANIME DVD T
Fanny & AlexanderFOREIGN DVD F
The NutcrackerDVD 792.842 N
Christmas with the KranksDVD C
MillionsDVD M
A Christmas carolDVD C
Christmas in ConnecticutDVD C
The ice harvestDVD I
The chronicles of Narnia. The lion, the witch and the wardrobeDVD C
Honeymooners holiday classicsTV DVD H
The NutcrackerDVD 792.842 N
A Christmas carolDVD C
A Christmas carolDVD C
A Christmas carolDVD C
National Lampoon's Christmas vacationDVD N
A Christmas carolDVD C
PrancerJDVD P
Chasing ChristmasDVD C
Home aloneDVD H
Joyeux Noël Merry ChristmasFOREIGN DVD J
The holidayDVD H
The nativity storyDVD N
Unaccompanied minorsDVD U
Deck the hallsDVD D
Batman returnsDVD B
A Christmas storyDVD C
The Santa ClauseDVD S
Santa babyDVD S
BrazilDVD B
GremlinsDVD G
Miracle on 34th StreetDVD MIR
In BrugesDVD I
This ChristmasDVD T
Shrek the hallsDVD S
Christmas cottageDVD C
Fred ClausDVD F
It's a wonderful lifeDVD I
Frozen riverDVD F
NoëlleDVD N
Jingle all the wayDVD J
The NutcrackerDVD 792.842 N
Nothing like the holidaysDVD N
A Christmas tale = Un conte de noëlFOREIGN DVD C
Four ChristmasesDVD F
Meet me in St. LouisDVD M
Miracle on 34th streetDVD M
Die hardDVD D
Die hard 2. Die harderDVD D
A Christmas carolDVD C
A golden Christmas : a tail of puppy loveDVD G
It's a very merry Muppet Christmas movieDVD I
A nanny for ChristmasDVD N
Santa baby 2 : Christmas maybeDVD S
Santa Claus : the movieDVD S
The dog who saved Christmas vacationDVD D
Die hardBLU RAY D
Die hard 2 : die harderBLU RAY D
Edward ScissorhandsBLU RAY E
While you were sleepingDVD W
On strike for ChristmasDVD O
Call me Mrs. MiracleDVD C
Christmas cupidDVD C
A golden Christmas 2 : the second tailDVD G
Beethoven's Christmas adventureDVD B
Nutcracker : the untold story.DVD N
Doctor Who. A Christmas carolDVD D
The Santa incidentDVD S
A Christmas wedding tailDVD C
A Madea Christmas : the playDVD M
Rare exports : a Christmas taleFOREIGN DVD R
A very Harold & Kumar ChristmasDVD V
A Christmas story 2DVD C
Arthur ChristmasDVD A
Holiday InnDVD H
The dog who saved the holidaysDVD D
Trading ChristmasDVD T
Christmas in ComptonDVD C
Die hard 2 : die harderDVD D
Christmas angel in the houseDVD C
The Fitzgerald family ChristmasDVD F
Love actuallyDVD L
Home for Christmas : a golden Christmas 3DVD H