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Author Title Call #
Bully : an action plan for teachers and parents to combat the bullying crisisPTC 371.58 B
Anderson, Shona.No more bystanders = No more bullies : activating action in educational professionalsPTC 371.58 A
Applegate, Katherine.Never swipe a bully's bearJ Applegate
Baskin, Nora Raleigh.RuntJ Baskin
Birney, Betty G.Friendship according to HumphreyJ Birney
Brown, Don, 1949-Teedie : the story of young Teddy RooseveltJB ROOSEVELT B
Buckley, Michael, 1969-NERDS : attack of the bulliesJ Buckley
Casanova, Mary.ChrissaJ American
Casanova, Mary.Chrissa stands strongJ American
Dowell, Frances O'Roark.The second life of Abigail WalkerJ Dowell
Drew, Naomi.No kidding about bullying : 125 ready-to-use activities to help kids manage anger, resolve conflicts, build empathy, and get along, grades 3-6PTC 371.58 D
Ellis, Deborah, 1960-We want you to know : kids talk about bullyingPTC 302.34 E
Fleming, David, 1971-The Saturday boyJ Fleming
Foxley, Janet.Muncle TroggJ Foxley
Gale, Eric Kahn, 1986-The bully bookJ Gale
Glassman, Miriam.Call me Oklahoma!J Glassman
Grandits, John.Ten rules you absolutely must not break if you want to survive the school busJ Grandits
Holm, Jennifer L.Super AmoebaJ 741.5973 H
Holm, Jennifer L.Babymouse : our hero!J 741.5973 H
Holm, Jennifer L.Babymouse : queen of the world!J 741.5973 H
Kimmel, Haven, 1965-Kaline Klattermaster's tree houseJ Kimmel
Kline, Suzy, author.Horrible Harry and the hallway bullyJ Kline
Knudson, Mike.Raymond & Graham, bases loadedJ Knudson
Kowitt, Holly.The loser listJ Kowitt
LaFleur, Suzanne M.Eight keysJ LaFleur
Lee, Jenny, 1971-Elvis and the underdogsJ Lee
Ludwig, Trudy.Trouble talkPTC J Ludwig
Ludwig, Trudy.Confessions of a former bullyJ Ludwig
Martin, Ann M., 1955-Best friendsJ Martin
McCranie, Stephen, 1987-Food fight!J 741.5973 M
Moss, MarissaAmelia's bully survival guideJ Moss
Nelson, Drew, 1986-Dealing with cyberbulliesJ 302.343 N
Pilkey, Dav, 1966-Captain Underpants and the terrifying return of Tippy Tinkletrousers : the ninth epic novelJ Pilkey
Polacco, Patricia.BullyJ Polacco
Polacco, Patricia.The junkyard wondersJ Polacco
Rivkin, Jennifer.Physical bullyingJ 302.34 R
Robinson, Sharon, 1950-Safe at homeJ Robinson
Roy, James, 1968-Max Quigley : technically not a bullyJ Roy
Salisbury, Graham.Calvin Coconut : the Zippy fixJ Salisbury
Serres, Alain, 1956-I have the right to be a childJ 323.352 S
Shefelman, Janice Jordan, 1930-Anna Maria's giftJ Shefelman
Starkey, Scott.How to beat the bully without really tryingJ Starkey
Starkey, Scott.The call of the bully : a Rodney Rathbone novelJ Starkey
Stoudemire, Amar'e.Home courtJ Stoudemire
Urban, Linda.Hound dog trueJ Urban
Vail, Rachel, author.Justin Case : rules, tools, and maybe a bullyJ Vail
Van Draanen, Wendelin.Enemy spyJ Van Draanen
Van Draanen, Wendelin.Meet The GeckoJ Van Draanen
Vernon, Ursula.DragonbreathJ Vernon
Vernon, Ursula.No such thing as ghostsJ Vernon
Warner, Sally, 1946-EllRay Jakes is not a chickenJ Warner
Winkler, Henry, 1945-Zero to heroJ Winkler
Wolitzer, Meg.The fingertips of Duncan DorfmanJ Wolitzer
Ylvisaker, Anne.Button downJ Ylvisaker
Zia, F. (Farhana)The garden of my ImaanJ Zia