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Author Title Call #
Dear teen meYA 808.883 D
Vicious : true stories by teens about bullyingYA 302.343 V
Dear bully : 70 authors tell their storiesYA 302.3 D
Anderson, Laurie Halse.TwistedYA Anderson
Asher, Jay, 1975-Thirteen reasons why : a novelYA Asher
Baratz-Logsted, Lauren.Crazy beautifulYA Baratz-Logsted
Brewer, Heather.Ninth grade slaysYA Brewer
Brewer, Heather.Twelfth grade killsYA Brewer
Brewer, Heather.Eleventh grade burnsYA Brewer
Brewer, Heather.Tenth grade bleedsYA Brewer
Brooks, Kevin.Kissing the rainYA Brooks
Brown, Jennifer, 1972-Hate listYA Brown
Burd, Nick, 1980-The vast fields of ordinaryYA Burd
Chaltas, Thalia.Because I am furnitureYA Chaltas
Cohen, Joshua, 1969-LeverageYA Cohen
Colasanti, Susane.Keep holding onYA Colasanti
Cook, Eileen.Getting revenge on Lauren WoodYA Cook
Cook, Trish, 1965- author.A really awesome messYA Cook
Ellis, Ann Dee.This is what I didYA Ellis
Friesen, Jonathan.Jerk, CaliforniaYA Friesen
Garden, Nancy.EndgameYA Garden
George, Madeleine.The difference between you and meYA George
George, Madeleine.LooksYA George
Giles, Gail.Shattering glassYA Giles
Griffin, Paul, 1966-The Orange HousesYA Griffin
Hinton, S. E., author.The outsiders,Y Hinton
Jacobs, Thomas A.Teen cyberbullying investigated : where do your rights end and consequences begin?YA 345.73 J
Kraus, Daniel, 1975-RottersYA Kraus
LaBan, Elizabeth.The Tragedy PaperYA LaBan
Langan, Paul, 1972-PaybackYA Langan
Lyga, Barry.The astonishing adventures of Fanboy & Goth GirlYA Lyga
Lyga, Barry.Hero-typeYA Lyga
McGowan, Anthony.The knife that killed meYA McGowan
Medina, Meg.Yaqui Delgado wants to kick your assYA Medina
Myers, Walter Dean, 1937-2014Darius & TwigYA Myers
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds.Alice in chargeYA Naylor
Phillips, Suzanne.Burn : a novelYA Phillips
Quick, Matthew, 1973-Forgive me, Leonard Peacock : a novelYA Quick
Roman, Dave.TeenBoat! : the angst of being a teen, the thrill of being a boat!YA 741.5973 R
Roth, Matthue.LosersYA Roth
Rubens, Michael.Sons of the 613YA Rubens
Volponi, Paul.Crossing linesYA Volponi
Volponi, Paul.RooftopYA Volponi
Vrettos, Adrienne Maria.The exile of Gigi LaneYA Vrettos
Werlin, Nancy.The rules of survivalYA Werlin