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Archer, Jeffrey.Cometh the Hour
Baldacci, David.The Last Mile
Beaton, M. C..Death of a Nurse
Berenson, Alex.The Wolves
Berry, Steve.The 14th Colony
Binchy, Maeve, 1940-2012A Few of the Girls
Burroughs, Augusten.Lust and Wonder
Chevalier, Tracy.At the Edge of the Orchard
Chevalier, Tracy.Reader, I Married Him
Clare, Cassandra.The Shadowhunter's Codex
Cleave, Paul.Five Minutes Alone
Coben, Harlan.Fool Me Once
Cussler, Clive.The Gangster
Daheim, Mary.Here Comes the Bribe
Day, Sylvia.One With You
Deaver, Jeffery.The Steel Kiss
Denby, David.Lit Up
Dickey, Eric Jerome.The Blackbirds
Durrant, Sabine.Remember Me This Way
Dvorak, John.The Last Volcano
Ellis, Helen.American Housewife
Ellison, J. T..No One Knows
Evanovich, Stephanie.Total Package
Feehan, Christine.Dark Promises
Fitzsimmons, Matthew.The Short Drop
Foster, Alan Dean.Star Wars - The Force Awakens
Frost, Jeaniene.The Sweetest Burn
Goodman, Alison.The Dark Days Club
Graham, Heather.Flawless
Grippando, James.Gone Again
Gudenkauf, Heather.Missing Pieces
Hesse, Monica.Girl in the Blue Coat
Jackson, Lisa.Revenge
Jance, J. A..Claw Back
Kadrey, Richard.The Everything Box
Kerr, Philip.The Other Side of Silence
Kingsbury, Karen.A Brush of Wings
Klebold, Sue.A Mother's Reckoning
Lakshmi, Padma.Love, Loss, And What We Ate
Laurens, Stephanie.A Buccaneer at Heart
Lee, Janice Y.K..The Expatriates
London, Julia.Suddenly in Love
Macomber, Debbie.A Girl's Guide to Moving On
Mallery, Susan.Best of My Love
Mallery, Susan.The Friends We Keep
Margolin, Phillip.Violent Crimes
Mayer, Jane.Dark Money
McCrumb, Sharyn.Prayers the Devil Answers
Michaels, Fern.No Safe Secret
Nesbo, Jo.Midnight Sun
Neuhaus, Nele.I Am Your Judge
Parker, T. Jefferson.Crazy Blood
Patterson, James.Private Paris
Pavone, Chris.The Travelers
Quindlen, Anna.Miller's Valley
Quirk, Matthew.Cold Barrel Zero
Rehm, Diane.On My Own
Reilly, Christine.Sunday's on the Phone to Monday
Robards, Karen.Darkness
Roberts, Nora.The Obsession
Robinson, Peter.No Cure for Love
Rogan, Charlotte.Now and Again
Sandford, John.Extreme Prey
Sands, Lynsay.Runaway Vampire
Scottoline, Lisa.Most Wanted
Sepetys, Ruta.Salt to the Sea
Shatner, William.Leonard
Simonson, Helen.The Summer Before the War
Sittenfeld, Curtis.Eligible
Smith, Wilbur.Predator
Spindler, Erica.The Final Seven
Steel, Danielle.Property of a Noble Woman
Strong, Lynn Steger.Hold Still
Tahir, Sabaa.An Ember in the Ashes II
Tennant-Moore, Hannah.Wreck and Order
Thomas, Louisa.Louisa
Tillman, Laura.Long Shadow of Small Ghosts
Todd, Charles.No Shred of Evidence
Toler, Ph.D., Pamela D..Heroines of Mercy Street
White, Randy Wayne.Deep Blue
Winspear, Jacqueline.Journey to Munich
Woods, Stuart.Family Jewels