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Adler-Olsen, Jussi.The alphabet house
Archer, Jeffrey.Mightier than the sword
Briggs, Patricia.Dead heat
Cornwell, Bernard.The empty throne
Cussler, Clive.The assassin
Estleman, Loren D..You know who killed me
Fielding, Joy.Shadow creek
Freveletti, Jamie.Robert ludlum's the geneva strategy
Frost, Jeaniene.Bound by flames
Grahame-Smith, Seth.The last american vampire
Graves, Sarah.Winter at the door: a lizzie snow mystery
Green, Jane.Saving grace
Griffin, W. E. B..The assassination option
Hannah, Kristin.The nightingale
Higgins, Jack.Rain on the dead
Joyce, Rachel.The love song of miss queenie hennessy
Knott, Robert.Robert b. parker's the bridge
Lippman, Laura.Hush
Loren, Sophia, 1934- author.Yesterday, today, tomorrow : [my life]TB B LOREN L
Mayor, Archer.Proof positive
Meyer, Joyce.Good health, good life
Michaels, Fern.Eyes only
Modesitt, Jr., L. E..Madness in solidar
Morin, Amy.13 things mentally strong people don't do
Mosley, Walter.Inside a silver box
Oakley, Colleen.Before i go
Oates, Joyce Carol.The sacrifice
Parmar, Priya.Vanessa and her sister
Patterson, James.Private vegas
Robertson, Alan.A new season
Rosenberg, Joel C..The third target
Simsion, Graeme.The rosie effect
Steel, Danielle.Prodigal son
Stern, Jessica.Isis
Tademy, Lalita.Citizens Creek : a novelTB Tademy
Todd, Charles.A fine summer's day