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Author Title Call #
Bishop, Anne.Murder of crows : a novel of the OthersTB Bishop
Box, C. J.Stone coldTB Box
Carr, Robyn.Four friendsTB Carr
Cassella, Carol Wiley.GeminiTB Cassella
Easterly, William, 1957-The tyranny of experts : [economists, dictators, and the forgotten rights of the poor]TB 339.46 E
Foster, Lori, 1958-Dash of perilTB Foster
Gill, Libby.Capture the mindshare and the market share will follow : the art and science of building brandsTB 658.827 G
Griech-Polelle, Beth A., 1964-Europe's dark journey : the rise of Hitler and Nazi GermanyTB 943.086 G
Jolles, Robert L., 1957-How to change minds : [the art of influence without manipulation]TB 302.13 J
Jones, Dennis Merritt.The art of uncertainty : how to live in the mystery of life and love itTB 299.93 J
Karsh, Brad.Manager 3.0 : a millennial's guide to rewriting the rules of managementTB 658 K
Laukkanen, Owen.Kill feeTB Laukkanen
Madden, Thomas F.Medieval mysteries : the history behind the myths of the Middle AgesTB 398.2 M
McCarthy, Cormac, 1933-The counselor : [a screenplay]TB McCarthy
Perry, Anne.Death on Blackheath : [a Charlotte and Thomas Pitt novel]TB Perry
Polelle, Mark Robert, 1964-Total war : World War II and its lasting legacyTB 940.54 P
Stavans, Ilan.The novel that invented modernity : Don Quixote de la ManchaTB 863.3 S
Svoboda, Elizabeth.What makes a hero? : the surprising science of selflessnessTB 155.232 S
White, Randy Wayne.Bone deepTB White
Wilson, Brad, 1980-Do more, spend less : the new secrets of living the good life for lessTB 640.73 W