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Author Title Call #
Andrews, Mary KayBeach Townpub date 06/2015
Bradford, Barbara Taylor, 1933-The Cavendon womenBradford
Brown, Rita Mae/ Brown, Sneaky PieTail Gaitpub date 06/2015
Cussler, Clive/ Morrison, BoydPiranhapub date 06/2015
Dailey, JanetTexas Toughpub date 06/2015
Delinsky, BarbaraBlueprintspub date 06/2015
Graham, Heather.The dead play onpub date 06/2015
Jance, Judith A.Dance of the Bones : A Beaumont and Walker Novelpub date 07/2015
Laurens, StephanieA Match for Marcus Cynsterpub date 07/2015
Lowell, ElizabethPerfect Touchpub date 07/2015
Roberts, Nora, author.The liarRoberts
Roby, Kimberla LawsonThe Ultimate Betrayalpub date 05/2015
Silva, DanielThe English Spypub date 06/2015