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Author Title Call #
Daheim, MaryClam Wakepub date 7/2014
Jance, Judith A.Remains of Innocencepub date 7/2014
Laurens, StephanieLoving Rose : The Redemption of Malcolm Sinclairpub date 7/2014
Lescroart, John T.The Keeperpub date 5/2014
Michaels, FernA Family Affairpub date 5/2014
Quick, AmandaOtherwise Engagedpub date 5/2014
Sandford, JohnField of Preypub date 5/2014
Siddons, Anne Rivers.The Girls of Augustpub date 7/2014
Silva, DanielThe Heistpub date 7/2014
Steel, DanielleA Perfect Lifepub date 7/2014
Winspear, JacquelineThe Care and Management of Lies : A Novel of the Great Warpub date 7/2014