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Aiello, Danny, 1933-I only know who I am when I am somebody else : my life on the street, on the stage, and in the moviesB AIELLO A
Auricchio, Laura.The marquis : Lafayette reconsideredB LAFAYETTE A
Boast, Will.Epilogue : a memoirB BOAST B
Brierley, Saroo, author.A long way home : [a memoir]B BRIERLEY B
Cuomo, AndrewAll Things Possible : Setbacks and Success in Politics and Lifeon order
Davis, Wendy, 1963-Forgetting to be afraid : a memoirB DAVIS D
Easlea, DarylWithout Frontiers : The Life and Music of Peter Gabrielon order
Essinger, James, 1957-Ada's algorithm : how Lord Byron's daughter Ada Lovelace launched the digital ageB LOVELACE E
García-Lapuerta, Alina, author.La Belle Créole : the Cuban countess who captivated Havana, Madrid, and ParisB MERLIN G
Greenspan, Ezra.William Wells Brown : an African American lifeB BROWN G
Habegger, Alfred, author.Masked : the life of Anna Leonowens, schoolmistress at the court of SiamB LEONOWENS H
Hancock, Herbie, 1940-PossibilitiesB HANCOCK H
Hoffman, Richard, 1949-Love & fury : a memoirB HOFFMAN H
Howard, Margo, 1940-Eat, drink and remarry : confessions of a serial wifeB HOWARD H
Huntsman, Jon M, author.Barefoot to billionaire : a promise to cure canceron order
Kuskey, G. Eric, author.Billion dollar painter : the triumph and tragedy of Thomas Kinkade, Painter of lightB KINKADE K
Lear, Norman, author.Even this I get to experienceB LEAR L
Mackrell, Judith.Flappers : six women of a dangerous generation920.72 M
MacRae, Sigrid von Hoyningen-Huene, author.A world elsewhere : an American woman in wartime GermanyB HOYNINEGEN-HUENE M
Malanowski, Jamie.Commander Will Cushing : daredevil hero of the Civil Waron order
Manoori, Ukmina.I am a bacha posh : my life as a woman living as a man in AfghanistanB MANOORI M
Pascale, Amy.Joss Whedon : the biographyB WHEDON P
Satriani, Joe.Strange beautiful music : a musical memoirB SATRIANI S
Scarisbrick, Diana, author.Elihu Yale : merchant, collector & patronB YALE S
Schreiber, Daniel, 1977- author.Susan Sontag : a biographyB SONTAG S
Williams, John, 1961-, author.America's mistress : the life and times of Eartha KittB KITT L
Zembiec, Pamela, author.Selfless beyond service : a story of about the husband, son, and father behind the Lion of FallujahB ZEMBIEC Z
Zmuda, Bob, 1949- author.Andy Kaufman : the truth, finallyB KAUFMAN Z
Zombory-Moldován, Béla, 1885-1967.The burning of the world : a memoir of 1914on order