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Author Title Call #
Altman, Elissa, author.Treyf : my life as an unorthodox outlawB ALTMAN A
Arlen, Alice, 1940-2016, author.The huntress : the adventures, escapades, and triumphs of Alicia Patterson: aviatrix, sportswoman, journalist, publisherB PATTERSON A
Bair, Deirdre, author.Al Capone : his life, legacy, and legendB CAPONE B
Bodanis, David, author.Einstein's greatest mistake : a biographyB EINSTEIN B
Brant, John, 1951- author.The boy who runs : the odyssey of Julius AchonB ACHON B
Calcaterra, Regina, authorGirl unbroken : a sister's harrowing story of survival from the streets of Long Island to the farms of IdahoB CALCATERRA C
Castro, TonyLooking for Hemingway : Spain, the Bullfights, and a Final Rite of Passageon order
Chávez Frías, Hugo, interviewee.My First Life : Conversations with Ignacio RamonetB CHAVEZ C
Clancy, Tara, 1980- author.The Clancys of Queens : a memoirB CLANCY C
Connolly, Daniel, author.The book of Isaias : a child of Hispanic immigrants seeks his own AmericaB RAMOS C
Franklin, Ruth, author.Shirley Jackson : a rather haunted lifeB JACKSON F
Gavron, Jeremy, 1961- author.A woman on the edge of time : a son investigates his trailblazing mother's young suicideB GAVRON G
Giraldi, William, author.The hero's bodyB GIRALDI G
Gray, Sarah, 1973- author.A life everlasting : the extraordinary story of one boy's gift to medical scienceB GRAY G
Harrison, George/ Taylor, Derek/ Harrison, Olivia (EDT)I Me Mine : The Extended Editionon order
Jackson, Joe, 1955- author.Black Elk : the life of an American visionaryB BLACK ELK J
Kaminsky, Sarah, 1979- author.Adolfo Kaminsky : a forger's lifeB KAMINSKY K
Keenan, Brigid, 1939- author.Full marks for trying : an unlikely journey from the Raj to the rag tradeB KEENAN K
Morris, Keith (Vocalist), author.My damage : the story of a punk rock survivorB MORRIS M
O'Harrow, Robert, author.Quartermaster : Montgomery C. Meigs : Lincoln's general, master builder of the Union armyB MEIGS O
Purkayastha, Ian, 1992- author.Truffle Boy : my unexpected journey through the exotic food undergroundon order
Rough, Joan Z.Scattering ashes : a memoir of letting goB ROUGH R
Rydell, Bobby, author.Teen idol on the rocks : a tale of second chancesB RYDELL R
Shroder, Tom, author.The most famous writer who ever lived : a true story of my familyB SHRODER S
Stafford, Caroline/ Stafford, DavidMaybe I'm Doing It Wrong : The Life and Times of Randy Newmanon order
Trussoni, Danielle, author.The fortress : a love storyB TRUSSONI T
Willner, Nina, 1961- author.Forty autumns : a family's story of courage and survival on both sides of the Berlin WallB WILLNER W
Wilson, LaurieLouise Nevelson : Light and Shadowon order
Wright, TillettDarling Days : A Memoiron order