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Author Title Call #
Andreas, PeterRebel Mother : My Childhood Chasing the Revolutionon order
Appel, Marty, author.Casey Stengel : the greatest character in baseballon order
Ball, Troylyn, 1959- author.Pure heart : a spirited tale of grace, grit, and whiskeyB BALL B
Benjaminson, Peter, 1945- author.Super freak : the life of Rick JamesB JAMES B
Boles, John B.Jefferson : Architect of American Libertyon order
Brunet, Robin, author.Red Robinson : the last deejayB ROBINSON B
Buck, Joan Juliet, author.The price of illusion / A Memoiron order
Butler, Marcia.The skin above my knee : a memoirB BUTLER B
Carew, KeggieDadlandon order
Chapman, Steven Curtis, author.Between heaven and the real world : my storyon order
Connolly, RayBeing Elvis : A Lonely Lifeon order PUB DATE 3/21/17
Cooper, Helene, author.Madame President : the incredible journey of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the first woman to lead an African nationon order
Eliot, MarcCharlton Heston : Hollywood's Last Iconon order
Farrell, John A. (John Aloysius), author.Richard Nixon : the lifeon order
Hatch, StevenInferno : A Doctor's Ebola Storyon order
Hayes, Bill, 1961- author.Insomniac city : New York, Oliver, and meB HAYES H
Hennessy, Kate, 1960- author.Dorothy Day : the world will be saved by beauty; an intimate portrait of my grandmotherB DAY H
Lesser, Wendy, author.You say to brick : the life of Louis Kahnon order
Linder, JoselinThe Family Gene : A Mission to Turn My Deadly Inheritance into a Hopeful Futureon order
Marin, Cheech, author.Cheech is not my real name : but don't call me Chong!on order
Marshall, Megan, author.Elizabeth Bishop : a miracle for breakfastB BISHOP M
Nixon, Agnes, 1922-2016, author.My life to live / How I Became the Queen of Soaps When Men Ruled the Airwaveson order
Pryor, Elizabeth Brown, author.Six encounters with Lincoln : a president confronts democracy and its demonsB LINCOLN P
Reynolds, NicholasWriter, Sailor, Soldier, Spy : Ernest Hemingway's Secret Adventures, 1935-1961on order
Rosenthal, Michael, 1937- author.Barney : Grove Press and Barney Rosset, America's maverick publisher and the battle against censorshipon order
Rosset, Barney, author.Rosset : my life in publishing and how I fought censorshipB ROSSET R
Shurkin, Joel N., 1938- author.True genius : the life and work of Richard Garwin, the most influential scientist you've never heard ofB GARWIN S
Siegel, Lee, 1957- author.The draw : a memoiron order
Stubbs, John, 1977- author.Jonathan Swift : the reluctant rebelon order
Todd, Barbara Feinman, author.Pretend I'm not here : how I worked with three newspaper icons, one powerful first lady, and still managed to dig myself out of the Washington swampB TODD T
Viloria, Hida, author.Born both : an intersex lifeon order
Youssef, BassemRevolution for Dummies : Laughing Through the Arab Springon order