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Author Title Call #
Addario, Lynsey.It's what I do : a photographer's life of love and waron order
Anand, Anita, author.Sophia : princess, suffragette, revolutionaryB DULEEP SINGH A
Baird, Mimi.He wanted the moon : the madness and medical genius of Dr. Perry Baird, and his daughter's quest to know himon order
Browder, Bill, 1964-Red notice : a true story of high finance, murder, and one man's fight for justiceon order
Burns, Edward, 1968-Independent Ed : inside a career of big dreams, little movies, and the twelve best days of my lifeB BURNS B
Close, Jessie, author.Resilience : two sisters and a story of mental illnessB CLOSE C
Cooke, Rachel (Journalist), author.Her brilliant career : ten extraordinary women of the fifties920.72 C
Dowling, Robert M., 1970-Eugene O'Neill : a life in four actsB ONEILL D
Grenier, Robert (Robert L.) author.88 days to Kandahar : a CIA diaryB GRENIER G
Halton, David, 1940- author.Dispatches from the front : Matthew Halton, Canada's voice at warB HALTON H
Howe, ZoeStevie Nicks : Visions, Dreams & Rumorson order
Irving, Nicholas/ Brozek, GaryThe Reaper : Autobiography of One of the Deadliest Special Ops Sniperson order
Ivy, J., 1976- author.Dear father : breaking the cycle of painB IVY I
Johns, Glyn, 1942-Sound manB JOHNS J
Kurzweil, Allen.Whipping boy : the forty-year search for my twelve-year-old bullyB KURZWEIL K
Lowe, Sean, 1983-For the right reasons : America's favorite bachelor on faith, love, marriage, and why nice guys finish firstB LOWE L
Manning, Frankie, author.Frankie Manning : ambassador of Lindy hopB MANNING M
Mazor, Barry, author.Ralph Peer and the making of popular roots musicB PEER M
Mewshaw, Michael, 1943- author.Sympathy for the devil : four decades of friendship with Gore VidalB VIDAL M
Michaels, Shawn/ Thomas, David (CON)Wrestling for My Life : The Legend, the Reality, and the Faith of a Wwe Superstaron order
Moore, Wes, 1978-The work : the search for a life that mattersB MOORE M
Nye, Peter, 1947- author.The fast times of Albert Champion : from record-setting racer to dashing tycoon, an untold story of speed, success, and betrayalB CHAMPION N
Pederson, Rena, author.The Burma spring : Aung San Suu Kyi and the new struggle for the soul of a nationB AUNG SAN SUU KYI P
Pell, EveLove, again : the wisdom of unexpected romanceB PELL P
Reed, JeremyWaiting for the Man : The Life and Career of Lou Reedon order
Sallah, Michael, author.The Yankee comandante : the untold story of courage, passion, and one American's fight to liberate CubaB MORGAN S
Sparrow, Bartholomew H., 1959- author.The strategist : Brent Scowcroft and the call of national securityB SCOWCROFT S
Thomson, Graeme (Writer on music), author.George Harrison : behind the locked doorB HARRISON T
Voigt, Deborah, author.Call me Debbie : true confessions of a down-to-earth divaB VOIGT V