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Author Title Call #
Baker, Keith, 1953-Big fat henE Baker
Bauer, Marion Dane.Toes, ears, & nose! : a lift-the-flap bookE Bauer
Bowie, C. W.Busy toesE Bowie
Boynton, Sandra.Moo, baa, la la laE Boynton
Brown, Margaret Wise, 1910-1952.Big red barnE Brown
Brown, Margaret Wise, 1910-1952.Goodnight moonE Brown
Butler, John, 1952-Whose nose and toes?E Butler
Cabrera, Jane.Old Mother HubbardE Cabrera
Campbell, Rod, 1945-Dear zoo : a lift-the-flap bookE Campbell
Carle, Eric.The very busy spiderE Carle
Crews, Donald.Freight trainE Crews
Dunrea, Olivier.GossieE Dunrea
Fleming, Denise, 1950-Barnyard banterE Fleming
Fleming, Denise, 1950-In the tall, tall grassE Fleming
Fox, Mem, 1946-Time for bedE Fox
Hale, Rachael.Baby gigglesE Hale
Hill, Eric, 1927-Spot's toysE Hill
Isadora, Rachel.Peekaboo morningE Isadora
Katz, Karen.Where is baby's puppy?E Katz
Katz, Karen.Counting kissesE Katz
Katz, Karen.Baby's colorsE Katz
Miller, Margaret, 1945-Baby facesE Miller
Milord, Susan.Love that babyE Milord
O'Connell, Rebecca, 1968-The baby goes beepE O'Connell
Oxenbury, Helen.Clap handsE Oxenbury
Patricelli, Leslie.Yummy, YUCKYE Patricelli
Rathmann, Peggy.Good night, GorillaE Rathmann
Root, Phyllis.Hop!E Root
Sadler, Judy Ann, 1959-ReachingE Sadler
Saltzberg, Barney.I love catsE Saltzberg
Sirett, Dawn.Mommy loves meE Sirett
Tafuri, Nancy.Goodnight, my ducklingE Tafuri
Taylor, Ann.Baby danceE Taylor
Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth.Baby day!E Wallace
Wells, Rosemary.The bear went over the mountainE Wells
Wells, Rosemary.Goodnight MaxE Wells
Williams, Sue, 1948-I went walkingE Williams
Wilson, Karma.Baby, I love youE Wilson
Wood, Don, 1945-PiggiesE Wood
Yolen, JaneGood night, little bunny : a touch-and-feel bedtime storyE Yolen
Yoon, Salina.At the beachE Yoon