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Blanchard, Ken/ Diaz-Ortiz, ClaireOne Minute Mentoring : How to Find and Work With a Mentor--and Why You'll Benefit from Being Oneon order
Cagan, MicheleAccounting 101 : From Calculating Revenues and Profits to Determining Assets and Liabilities, an Essential Guide to Accounting Basicson order
Daly, Alex, author.The crowdsourceress : get smart, get funded, and kickstart your next big idea658.15224 D
Edelman, RicThe Truth About Your Future : The Money Guide You Need Now, Later, and Much Lateron order
Foster, Jody, author.The schmuck in my office : how to deal effectively with difficult people at workon order
Granet, Keith, 1956- author.The business of creativity : how to build the right team for success658.4022 G
Hakim, Amy Cooper, author.Working with difficult people : handling the ten types of problem people without losing your mind650.13 H
Hoey, Kelly, author.Build your dream network : forging powerful relationships in a hyper-connected world658 H
Kishtainy, Niall, author.A little history of economics330 K
Krawcheck, Sallie, author.Own it : the power of women at work303.34082 K
Kwak, James, author.Economism : bad economics and the rise of inequality330 K
Morgan, Angie, author.Spark : how to lead yourself and others to greater success658.4092 M
Porath, Christine Lynne, author.Mastering civility : a manifesto for the workplace650.13 P
Robbins, Anthony, author.Unshakeable : your financial freedom playbook332.024 R
Sander, PeterNegotiating 101 : From Planning Your Strategy to Finding a Common Ground, an Essential Guide to the Art of Negotiatingon order
Soundering, Stephen, author.Management 101 : from hiring and firing to imparting new skills, an essential guide to management strategies658 S
Spodek, Joshua, author.Leadership step by step : become the person others followon order
Stromberg, Lisen, author.Work pause thrive : how to pause for parenthood without killing your career306.36 S