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Author Title Call #
Baker, Jo.The tellingon order
Diffenbaugh, Vanessa.We never asked for wings : a novelon order
Farnsworth, ChristopherThe Eternal Worldon order
Forsyth, Kate, 1966-The wild girl : a novelon order
Garlock, Dorothy, author.Twice in a lifetimeGarlock
Harbison, BethIf I Could Turn Back Timeon order
Hashimi, NadiaWhen the Moon Is Lowon order
Klaussmann, LizaVilla Americaon order
Koryta, MichaelLast Wordson order
Laplante, AliceComing of Age at the End of Dayson order
Lee, PatrickSignalon order
Lynds, Gayle.The assassinson order
Mallery, SusanThrill Meon order
Mansell, Jill.Falling for youon order
McLain, Paula.Circling the sun : a novelon order
McLaughlin, Emma/ Kraus, NicolaHow to Be a Grown-Upon order
McMahon, JenniferThe Night Sisteron order
McMurtry, LarryThe Last Kind Words Saloonon order
Milchman, Jenny, author.As night falls : a novelMilchman
Moshfegh, OttessaEileenon order
O'Connor, Nuala, 1970-Miss Emily : a novelon order
Pierpont, JuliaAmong the Ten Thousand Thingson order
Rand, Ayn.Ideal : the novel and the playRand
Richards, EmilieThe Color of Lighton order
Rosnay, Tatiana deA Paris Affairon order
Saville, Guy, 1973-The Madagaskar plan : a novelon order
Singer, P. W. (Peter Warren)Ghost fleet : a novel of the next world warSinger
Somer, Bradley.Fishbowl : a novelon order
Stevens, ChevyThose Girlson order
Stevens, Taylor.The mask : a Vanessa Michael Munroe novelStevens
Tanenbaum, Robert.Trap : a novelon order
Taylor, Brad, 1965- author.The insider threatTaylor
Teran, Andi, author.Ana of CaliforniaTeran
Tran, Vu, 1975-Dragonfish : a novelon order
Wendig, ChuckZer0eson order
Willig, Lauren.The other daughter : a novelon order
Womack, Gwendolyn, 1970- author.The memory painterWomack