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Author Title Call #
Angleberger, Tom.The strange case of Origami YodaJ Angleberger
Appelt, Kathi, 1954-Brand-new baby bluesE Appelt
Aronson, Marc.If stones could speak : unlocking the secrets of StonehengeJ 936.2319 A
Barnhouse, Rebecca.The coming of the dragonY Barnhouse
Barton, Chris.Shark vs. trainE Barton
Bildner, Phil.The Hallelujah FlightE Bildner
Bottner, Barbara.Miss Brooks loves books (and I don't)E Bottner
Conly, Jane Leslie.Murder afloatY Conly
Cooney, Caroline B.They never came backY Cooney
Cooper, Elisha.FarmE Cooper
Cummings, Phil.Boom bah!E Cummings
DiCamillo, Kate.Bink & GollieJ DiCamillo
Feldman, Jody.The seventh levelY Feldman
Gal, Susan.Please take me for a walkE Gal
Hahn, Mary Downing.The ghost of Crutchfield HallY Hahn
Henkes, Kevin.My gardenE Henkes
Himmelman, John.Pigs to the rescueE Himmelman
Holm, Jennifer L.Turtle in paradiseJ Holm
Hurd, Thacher.The weaverE Hurd
Isadora, Rachel.Say hello!E Isadora
Klise, Kate.GroundedJ Klise
Krull, Kathleen.Lincoln tells a joke : how laughter saved the president (and the country)JB LINCOLN K
Lewin, Betsy.Where is Tippy Toes?E Lewin
McCarty, Peter.Henry in loveE McCarty
Meyers, Susan.Bear in the airE Meyers
Peirce, Lincoln.Big Nate : In a class by himselfJ Peirce
Pinkwater, Daniel Manus, 1941-I am the dogE Pinkwater
Polacco, Patricia.The junkyard wondersJ Polacco
Riordan, Rick.The red pyramidY Riordan
Rodriguez, Béatrice, 1969-The chicken thiefE Rodriguez
Scieszka, Jon.SpaceheadzJ Scieszka
Scott, Inara.The candidatesY Scott
Shea, Bob.Oh, Daddy!E Shea
Singer, Marilyn.Mirror mirror : a book of reversible verseJ 811.54 S
Smith, Linda, 1949-2007.The inside treeE Smith
Stead, Philip Christian.A sick day for Amos McGeeE Stead
Stroud, Jonathan.The ring of SolomonY Stroud
Telgemeier, Raina.SmileYGN 741.5973 T
Thomson, Bill, 1963-ChalkE Thomson
Underwood, Deborah.The quiet bookE Underwood
Urbanovic, Jackie.Sitting duckE Urbanovic
Viorst, Judith.Lulu and the brontosaurusJ Viorst
Wheeler, Lisa, 1963-Ugly pieE Wheeler
Willems, Mo.City dog, country frogE Willems
Williams, Maiya.The Fizzy Whiz KidJ Williams
Wood, Maryrose.The mysterious howlingJ Wood