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Author Title Call #
The Civil War in 500 photographs973.7 C
Bradley, James, author.The China mirage : the hidden history of American disaster in Asia327.7305 B
Chamayou, Grégoire, authorA theory of the drone172.42 C
Dorling Kindersley, Inc. (COR)World War II : The Definitive Visual Historyon order
Drixler, Fabian, author.Samurai and the culture of Japan's great peace952.02 D
Ellis, Joseph J.The Quartet : Orchestrating the Second American Revolution, 1783-1789on order
Flood, Charles BracelenFirst to Fly : The Story of the Lafayette Escadrille, the American Heroes Who Flew for France in World War Ion order
Hedges, ChrisWages of Rebellionon order
Helm, Sarah, author.Ravensbrück : life and death in Hitler's concentration camp for women940.5318 H
Henderson, Bruce B., 1946- author.Rescue at Los Banos : the most daring prison camp raid of World War II940.5317 H
Holcombe, Larry, author.The presidents and UFOs : a secret history from FDR to Obama001.942 H
Jamali, Naveed/ Henican, EllisHow to Catch a Russian Spy : The True Story of an American Civilian Turned Double Agenton order
Jeremiah, David, 1941- author.A.D. the Bible continues : the revolution that changed the world226.606 J
Kempowski, Walter.Swansong 1945 : a collective diary of the last days of the Third Reich940.5481 K
Kilgore, EdElection 2014 : Why the Republicans Swept the Midtermson order
Kulski, Julian Eugene, 1929- author.The color of courage : a boy at war : the World War II diary of Julian Kulskion order
Lesy, Michael, 1945-Wisconsin death trip977.551 L
Lowry, Richard S., author.The photographer and the president : Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Gardner, and the images that made a presidency973.7092 L
Manning, Molly Guptill, 1980-When books went to war : the stories that helped us win World War II028.9 M
Messimer, Dwight R., 1937-The Baltimore Sabotage Cell : German agents, American traitors, and the U-boat Deutschland during World War I940.48743 M
Paulsen, Michael Stokes, author.The Constitution : an introductionon order
Poole, EricCompany of Heroes : A Forgotten Medal of Honor and Bravo Company's War in Vietnamon order
Rauch, Georg, 1924-2006, author..Unlikely warrior : a Jewish soldier in Hitler's armyon order
Robenalt, James/ Dean, John W. (FRW)January 1973 : Watergate, Roe V. Wade, Vietnam, and the Month That Changed America Foreveron order
Rose, Alexander.Men of war : the American soldier in combat at Bunker Hill, Gettysburg, and Iwo Jimaon order
Sarna, Jonathan D., author.Lincoln and the Jews : a history973.7089 S
Schwarz, Frederick A. O. (Frederick August Otto), 1935- author.Democracy in the dark : the seduction of government secrecy342.73 S
Scott, James (James M.), author.Target Tokyo : Jimmy Doolittle and the raid that avenged Pearl Harbor940.5425 S
Sehat, DavidThe Jefferson Rule : Why We Think the Founding Fathers Have All the Answerson order
Sky, Emma, author.The unraveling : high hopes and missed opportunities in Iraq956.70443 S
Stiglitz, Joseph E., author.The great divide : unequal societies and what we can do about them305.5 S
Stroud, RickKidnap in Crete : The True Story of the Abduction of a Nazi Generalon order
Weintraub, RobertNo Better Friend : One Man, One Dog, and Their Extraordinary Story of Courage and Survival in WWIIon order
Wheelan, Joseph, author.Their last full measure : the final days of the Civil Waron order
Woods, ChristopherSudden Justice : America's Secret Drone Warson order