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Author Title Call #
Appy, Christian G.American Reckoning : The Vietnam War and Our National Identityon order
Baker, Emerson W., authorA storm of witchcraft : the Salem trials and the American experience133.43 B
Barron, Leo.Patton at the Battle of the Bulge : how the general's tanks turned the tide at Bastogne940.5421 B
Bolger, Daniel P., 1957-Why we lost : a general's inside account of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars956.7044 B
Bradley, JamesThe China Mirage : The Hidden History of American Disaster in Asiaon order
Chang, Jeff, author.Who we be : the colorization of America305.8009 C
Darman, Jonathan.Landslide : LBJ and Ronald Reagan at the dawn of a new Americaon order
Foner, EricGateway to Freedom : The Hidden History of the Underground Railroadon order
Goodavage, Maria, 1962-Top dog : the story of Marine hero Lucca355.424 G
Green, JamesThe Devil Is Here in These Hills : West Virginia's Coal Miners and Their Battle for Freedomon order
Harwood, Jeremy, 1947- author.Unexplained mysteries of World War II : discover the conspiracies, cover-ups and coincidences that won and lost the war940.53 H
Helm, Sarah.Ravensbrück : life and death in Hitler's concentration camp for womenon order
Herken, Gregg, 1947- author.The Georgetown set : friends and rivals in Cold War Washington975.3 H
Hutton, Robin L.Sgt. Reckless : America's war horse951.9042 H
Hynes, Samuel, 1924-The unsubstantial air : American fliers in the First World Waron order
King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968.The radical Kingon order
Laurino, MariaThe Italian Americans : A Historyon order
Leibovich, Mark.Citizens of the Green Room : profiles in courage and self-delusion973.92 L
Levy, Joel, 1971- author.Fifty weapons that changed the course of history355.82 L
Lichtblau, Eric.The Nazis next door : how America became a safe haven for Hitler's men341.69 L
MacLean, Rory, 1954-Berlin : portrait of a city through the centuries943.155 M
Maier, Thomas, 1956-When lions roar : the Churchills and the Kennedys941.084 M
McCain, John, 1936- author.Thirteen soldiers : a personal history of Americans at war355.0092 M
McGinty, BrianLincoln's Greatest Case : The River, the Bridge, and the Making of Americaon order
Moorehead, Caroline, author.A village of secrets : defying the Nazis in Vichy France940.5336 M
Neuwirth, Jessica, author.Equal means equal : why the time for an equal rights amendment is nowon order
Pitts, Michael W., author.Digging for Richard III : the search for the lost king942.046 P
Sarotte, M. E., author.The collapse : the accidental opening of the Berlin Wall943.0878 S
Schultz, Howard.For love of country : what our veterans can teach us about citizenship, heroism, and sacrificeon order
Sekulow, Jay, author.The rise of ISIS : a threat we can't ignore956.054 S
Spencer, CharlesKillers of the King : The Men Who Dared to Execute Charles Ion order
Tirado, Linda, author.Hand to mouth : living in bootstrap AmericaB TIRADO T
Zelizer, Julian E.The Fierce Urgency of Now : Lyndon Johnson, Congress, and the Battle for the Great Societyon order
Zoughbie, Daniel, 1984-Indecision points : George W. Bush and the Israeli-Palestinian conflicton order