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Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem/ Time (COR)Writings on the Wall : A New Equality Beyond Black and Whiteon order
Adams, MaxIn the Land of Giants : A Journey Through the Dark Ageson order
Anbinder, TylerCity of Dreams : The 400-year Epic History of Immigrant New Yorkon order
Bar-Joseph, Uri, author.The angel : the Egyptian spy who saved Israelon order
Barron, David J.Waging War : The Clash Between Presidents and Congress, 1776 to Isison order
Beck, Glenn, author.Liars : how progressives exploit our fears for power and controlon order
Bhattacharjee, Yudhijit, author.The spy who couldn't spell : a dyslexic traitor, an unbreakable code, and the FBI's hunt for America's stolen secretson order
Borjas, George J.We Wanted Workers : Unraveling the Immigration Narrativeon order
Brands, H. W, author.The general and the president : MacArthur and Truman at the brink of nuclear waron order
Brooks, Rosa, author.How everything became war and the military became everything : tales from the Pentagonon order
Bruning, John R.Indestructible : One Man's Rescue Mission That Changed the Course of WWIIon order
Buell, Samuel W.Capital Offenses : Business Crime and Punishment in America's Corporate Ageon order
Carville, James, author.We're still right-- and they're still wrong / The Democrats' Case for 2016on order
Clark, LloydBlitzkrieg : Myth, Reality, and Hitler's Lightning War: France 1940on order
Cleaver, Thomas McKelveyThe Frozen Chosen : The 1st Marine Division and the Battle of the Chosin Reservoiron order
Cockburn, PatrickAge of Jihad : Islamic State and the Great War for the Middle Easton order
Conroy, James B.Lincoln's White House : The People's House in Wartimeon order
Creighton, Margaret S., 1949- author.The electrifying fall of Rainbow City : spectacle and assassination at the 1901 World's Fairon order
Curtis, BrianFields of Battle : Pearl Harbor, the Rose Bowl, and the Boys Who Went to Waron order
Dickerson, John, 1968- author.Whistlestop : my favorite stories from presidential campaign historyon order
Dowd, MaureenThe Year of Voting Dangerously : The Derangement of American Politicson order
Drury, Bob, author.Lucky 666 : the impossible missionon order
D'Souza, Dinesh, 1961- author.Hillary's America : the secret history of the Democratic Partyon order
Fletcher, JoannThe Story of Egypt : The Civilization That Shaped the Worldon order
Gordis, DanielIsrael : A Concise History of a Nation Rebornon order
Hall, Simon1956 : The World in Revolton order
Hamilton-Paterson, JamesMarked for Death : The First War in the Airon order
Hornfischer, James D, author.The fleet at flood tide : America at total war in the Pacific, 1944-1945on order
Houston, KeithThe Book : A Cover-to-cover Exploration of the Most Powerful Object of Our Timeon order
Jaffe, Sarah, 1980- author.Necessary trouble : Americans in revolton order
Jordan, Don/ Walsh, MichaelThe King's Revenge : Charles II and the Greatest Manhunt in British Historyon order
Kagan, Neil/ Hyslop, Stephen G./ Rendell, Kenneth W. (FRW)The Secret History of World War II : Spies, Code Breakers, and Covert Operationson order
Katz, JoshSpeaking American : How Y|all, Youse, and You Guys Talk: a Visual Guideon order
Kelsey, Harry, 1929- author.The first circumnavigators : unsung heroes of the age of discovery910.9 K
Kitfield, James, author.Twilight warriors : the soldiers, spies, and special agents who are revolutionizing the American way of waron order
Klarevas, Louis, 1968- author.Rampage nation : securing America from mass shootingson order
Kluger, Richard, author.Indelible ink : the trials of John Peter Zenger and the birth of America's free presson order
MacIntyre, BenRogue Heroes : The History of the SAS, Britain's Secret Special Forces Unit That Sabotaged the Nazis and Changed the Nature of Waron order
Macy, BethTruevine : Two Brothers, a Kidnapping, and a Mother's Quest: A True Story of the Jim Crow Southon order
Marlin, Ken, author.The Marine Corps way to win on Wall Street : 11 key principles from battlefield to boardroomon order
Marton, Kati.The true believer : the secret life of Noel Field, Stalin's last American spyon order
Mazzeo, Tilar J, author.Irena's children : the extraordinary story of the woman who saved 2,500 children from the Warsaw ghettoon order
McAuliffe, Mary Sperling, 1943- author.When Paris sizzled : the 1920s Paris of Hemingway, Chanel, Cocteau, Cole Porter, Josephine Baker, and their friendson order
McGinty, Brian, author.The rest I will kill : William Tillman and the unforgettable story of how a free black man refused to become a slaveon order
McGowan, Terrance Patrick, author.The silence of war : an old Marine in a young Marine's waron order
McManus, John C., 1965- author.Deadly sky : the American combat airman in World War IIon order
Means, Howard B., author.67 shots : Kent State and the end of American innocence378.77137 M
Mitchell, Greg, 1947-The tunnels : escapes under the Berlin Wall and the historic films the JFK White House tried to killon order
Moran, Christopher R, author.Company confessions : secrets, memoirs, and the CIAon order
Nagy, John A.George Washington's Secret Spy War : The Making of America's First Spymasteron order
Nelson, Eliot, author.The Beltway Bible : a totally serious A-Z guide to our no-good, corrupt, incompetent, terrible, depressing, and sometimes hilarious governmenton order
Nixon, JohnDebriefing the President : The Interrogation of Saddam Husseinon order
Orbach, Danny, author.The plots against Hitleron order
Partlow, Joshua, author.A kingdom of their own : the family Karzai and the Afghan disasteron order
Phillips, Patrick, 1970- author.Blood at the root : a racial cleansing in Americaon order
Pomfret, John, 1959-The beautiful country and the Middle Kingdom : America and China, 1776 to the presenton order
Puleo, StephenAmerican Treasures : The Secret Efforts to Save the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Gettysburg Addresson order
Rogoff, Kenneth S, author.The curse of cashon order
Russell Hochschild, ArlieStrangers in Their Own Land : Anger and Mourning on the American Righton order
Sears, Kathleen, author.American government 101 : from checks and balances to the electoral college, everything you need to know about U.S. politicson order
Sebba, Anne, author.Les Parisiennes : how the women of Paris lived, loved, and died under Nazi occupationon order
Shen, Ann, author.Bad girls throughout history : 100 remarkable women who changed the worldon order
Solomon, Jay (Reporter).The Iran wars : spy games, bank battles, and the secret deals that reshaped the Middle Easton order
Staiti, PaulOf Arms and Artists : The American Revolution Through Painters' Eyeson order
Strausbaugh, John, author.City of sedition : the history of New York during the Civil Waron order
Thompson, MarkEnough Said : What's Gone Wrong With the Language of Politics?on order
Toobin, Jeffrey, author.American heiress : the wild saga of the kidnapping, crimes and trial of Patty Hearston order
Twomey, SteveCountdown to Pearl Harbor : The Twelve Days to the Attackon order
Williams, SusanSpies in the Congo : America's Atomic Mission in World War IIon order
Wilser, JeffAlexander Hamilton's Guide to Lifeon order
Wolfe, TomThe Kingdom of Speechon order
Wright, Lawrence, 1947- author.The terror years : from al-Qaeda to the Islamic Stateon order
Younge, Gary, author.Another day in the death of America : a chronicle of ten short liveson order