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Author Title Call #
The 60s : the story of a decade909.826 S
Pearl Harbor : 75 years later : a day of infamy and its legacy940.5426 P
Alexander, BrianGlass House : The 1% Economy and the Shattering of the All-American Townon order
Baier, Bret/ Whitney, CatherineThree Days in January : Dwight Eisenhower's Final Missionon order
Beer, Daniel, author.The house of the dead : Siberian exile under the tsarson order
Berg, A. Scott (EDT)World War I and America : Told by the Americans Who Lived Iton order
Bicheno, HughBattle Royal : The Wars of the Roses: 1450-1462on order
Borman, TracyThe Private Lives of the Tudors : Uncovering the Secrets of Britain's Greatest Dynastyon order
Bruning, John R., author.Indestructible : one man's rescue mission that changed the course of WWII940.54 B
Buting, Jerome F.Illusion of Justice : Inside Making a Murderer and America's Broken Systemon order
Caldwell, Laura (EDT)/ Klinger, Leslie S. (EDT)/ Turow, Scott (INT)/ Scheck, Barry (INT)Anatomy of Innocence : Testimonies of the Wrongfully Convictedon order
Campisi, Charles/ Dillow, Gordon (CON)Blue on Blue : An Insider's Story of Good Cops Catching Bad Copson order
Clavin, TomDodge City : Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, and the Wickedest Town in the American Weston order
Cohan, William D.Why Wall Street Matterson order
D'Antonio, Michael, author.A consequential president : the legacy of Barack Obamaon order
Davidson, IanThe French Revolution : From Enlightenment to Tyrannyon order
Dufu, Tiffany/ Steinem, Gloria (FRW)Drop the Ball : Achieving More by Doing Lesson order
Dunbar-Ortiz, Roxanne, 1939- author."All the real Indians died off" : and 20 other myths about Native Americans970.00497 D
Duneier, Mitchell, author.Ghetto : the invention of a place, the history of an ideaon order
Egerton, Douglas R., author.Thunder at the gates : the black Civil War regiments that redeemed America973.7415 E
Ekirch, A. Roger, 1950- author.American Sanctuary : Mutiny, Martyrdom, And National Identity In The Age of Revolutionon order
Epst, Edward Jay, author.How America lost its secrets : Edward Snowden, the man and the thefton order
Everitt, Anthony, author.The rise of Athens : the story of the world's greatest civilization938.5 E
Foyster, Elizabeth A., 1968- author.Trials of the King of Hampshire : madness, secrecy and betrayal in Georgian England941.081092 F
Frankel, GlennHigh Noon : The Hollywood Blacklist and the Making of an American Classicon order
French, Howard W, author.Everything under the heavens : empire, tribute and the future of Chinese poweron order
Friedman, Barry, 1958- author.Unwarranted : policing without permissionon order
Haass, RichardA World in Disarray : American Foreign Policy and the Crisis of the Old Orderon order
Harding, Stephen, 1952- author.Dawn of infamy : a sunken ship, a vanished crew, and the final mystery of Pearl Harbor940.5426 H
Kagan, Neil, author.The secret history of World War II : spies, code breakers & covert operations940.5485 K
Kazin, Michael, 1948- author.War against war : the American fight for peace, 1914-1918on order
Kingsley, Patrick, author.The new odyssey : the story of the twenty-first-century refugee crisison order
Kiyosaki, Robert T./ Wheelwright, Tom (CON)Why the Rich Are Getting Richeron order
Klara, RobertThe Devil's Mercedes : The Bizarre and Disturbing Adventures of Hitler's Limousine in Americaon order
Kolhatkar, SheelahBlack Edge : Inside Information, Dirty Money, and the Quest to Bring Down the Most Wanted Man on Wall Streeton order
Kurlantzick, Joshua, 1976- author.A great place to have a war : America in Laos and the birth of a military CIAon order
Kwak, James, author.Economism : bad economics and the rise of inequalityon order
Lipscomb, Suzannah, author.The king is dead : the last will and testament of Henry VIIIon order
Marshall, Tim, 1959- author.Prisoners of geography : ten maps that explain everything about the world320.12 M
McCarthy, Tom, 1952- author.The greatest sniper stories ever told356.162 M
McGaugh, Scott, author.Honor before glory : the epic World War II story of the Japanese American GIs who rescued the Lost Battalion940.54214 M
Nichols, David A. (David Allen), 1939- author.Ike and McCarthy : Dwight Eisenhower's secret campaign against Joseph McCarthyon order
Nixon, JohnDebriefing the President : The Interrogation of Saddam Husseinon order
Olsen, Laurie (Laurie M.)Made in America : immigrant students in our public schoolson order
Plokhy, Serhii, 1957- author.The man with the poison gun : a Cold War spy story327.1247 P
Plutarch/ Mensch, Pamela (TRN)/ Romm, James (TRN)/ Beard, Mary (FRW)The Age of Caesar : Five Roman Liveson order
Powers, Ron, author.No one cares about crazy people : the chaos and heartbreak of mental health in Americaon order
Preston, Douglas J, author.The Lost City of the Monkey God / A True Storyon order
Preston, John, 1953-A very English scandal : sex, lies and a murder plot in the houses of parliamenton order
Rappaport, Helen, author.Caught in the revolution : Petrograd, Russia, 1917--a world on the edgeon order
Ricca, BradMrs. Sherlock Holmes : The True Story of New York City|s Greatest Female Detective and the 1917 Missing Girl Case That Captivated a Nationon order
Rydell, Anders/ Koch, Henning (TRN)The Book Thieves : The Nazi Looting of Europe's Libraries and the Race to Return a Literary Inheritanceon order
Schwab, KlausThe Fourth Industrial Revolutionon order
Servon, LisaThe Unbanking of America : How the New Middle Class Surviveson order
Sitaraman, Ganesh, author.The crisis of the middle class constitution : why economic inequality threatens our Republicon order
Starr, Jonathan, 1976- author.It takes a school : the extraordinary story of an American school in the world's #1 failed stateon order
Stewart, Rory, author.The Marches : a borderland journey between England and Scotland941.37 S
Tallis, NicolaCrown of Blood : The Deadly Inheritance of Lady Jane Greyon order
Thomas, Gordon, 1933- author.Shadow warriors of World War II : the daring women of the OSS and SOEon order
Travers, Paul J. (Paul Joseph), 1951- author.Eyewitness to infamy : an oral history of Pearl Harbor940.5426 T
Tucker, HollyCity of Light, City of Poison : Murder, Magic, and the First Police Chief of Parison order
Twomey, Steve, author.Countdown to Pearl Harbor : the twelve days to the attack940.5426 T
Tyson, Timothy B, author.The blood of Emmett Tillon order
Watson, PaulIce Ghosts : The Epic Hunt for the Lost Franklin Expeditionon order
Wickham, Chris, 1950- author.Medieval Europe940.1 W
Wilson, KevinBlood and Fears : How America's Bomber Boys of the 8th Air Force Saved World War IIon order
Wood, GraemeThe Way of the Strangers : Encounters With the Islamic Stateon order