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Author Title Call #
Aldhouse-Green, MirandaBog Bodies Uncovered : Solving Europe's Ancient Mysteryon order
Berman, Ari, author.Give us the ballot : the modern struggle for voting rights in America324.62 B
Brinkley, Douglas/ Nichter, LukeThe Nixon Tapes : 1973on order
Bryant, Jonathan M.Dark places of the earth : the voyage of the slave ship Antelope342.7308 B
Carson, Ben/ Carson, CandyA More Perfect Union : What We the People Can Do to Reclaim Our Constitutional Libertieson order
Felton, Mark, 1974-Zero Night : the untold story of World War Two's greatest escapeon order
Ford, Martin (Martin R.)Rise of the robots : technology and the threat of a jobless future331.137 F
Goldstone, Nancy Bazelon, author.The rival queens : Catherine De' Medici, her daughter Marguerite De Valois, and the betrayal that ignited a kingdom944.028 G
Hahn-Beer, Edith, 1914-2009, author.The Nazi officer's wife : how one Jewish woman survived the Holocaust940.5318 H
Hancock, LarrySurprise Attack : From Pearl Harbor to 9/11 to Benghazion order
Haygood, WilShowdown : Thurgood Marshall and the Supreme Court Nomination That Changed Americaon order
Holland, JamesThe Rise of Germany, 1939-1941 : The Rise of Germany, 1939-1941on order
Inskeep, Steve, author.Jacksonland : President Andrew Jackson, Cherokee Chief John Ross, and a great American land grab973.56 I
Jamali, Naveed, author.How to catch a Russian spy : the true story of an American civilian turned double agent327.12 J
Kershaw, Alex, author.Avenue of spies : a true story of terror, espionage, and one American family's heroic resistance in Nazi-occupied Paris940.5344 K
Lawless, Jennifer L., 1975-Running from office : why young Americans are turned off to politics320.40835 L
Montgomery, Scott L., author.The shape of the new : four big ideas and how they made the modern world909.4 M
Moore, Susanna.Paradise of the Pacific : approaching Hawaiion order
Nabokov, PeterHow the World Moves : The Odyssey of an American Indian Familyon order
Neff, James, author.Vendetta : Bobby Kennedy versus Jimmy Hoffaon order
Pellegrino, Charles R.To hell and back : the last train from Hiroshimaon order
Pietrusza, David, 1949-1932 : the rise of Hitler and FDR ; two tales of politics, betrayal, and unlikely destinyon order
Raphael, Ray.The spirit of 74 : how the American Revolution beganon order
Rauch, Georg, 1924-2006, author.Unlikely warrior : a Jewish soldier in Hitler's armyB RAUCH R
Reich, Robert B.Saving capitalism : for the many, not the fewon order
Roker, Al, 1954-The storm of the century : tragedy, heroism, survival, and the epic true story of America's deadliest natural disaster : the great Gulf hurricane of 1900on order
Sherman, Scott (Scott G.)Patience and fortitude : power, real estate, and the fight to save a public library027.4747 S
Slaughter, Anne-MarieUnfinished Business : Equality for Women and Men, Work and Familyon order
Southard, Susan, author.Nagasaki : Life after nuclear war940.548252 S
Strathern, PaulDeath in Florence : The Medici, Savonarola, and the Battle for the Soul of a Renaissance Cityon order
Toll, Ian W.The conquering tide : war in the Pacific Islands, 1942/1944on order
Vargas Llosa, Mario, 1936- author.Notes on the death of culture : essays on spectacle and societyon order
Woods, Chris (Journalist), author.Sudden justice : America's secret drone wars623.7469 W