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Author Title Call #
Aldhouse-Green, MirandaBog Bodies Uncovered : Solving Europe's Ancient Mysteryon order
Berlin, Ira, 1941- author.The long emancipation : the demise of slavery in the United Stateson order
Brinkley, Douglas/ Nichter, LukeThe Nixon Tapes : 1973on order
Bryant, Jonathan M.Dark places of the earth : the voyage of the slave ship Antelope342.7308 B
Carson, Ben/ Carson, CandyA More Perfect Union : What We the People Can Do to Reclaim Our Constitutional Libertieson order
Dickey, Christopher.Our man in Charleston : Britain's secret agent in the Civil War Southon order
Gates, Henry Louis/ Burke, Kevin M.And Still I Rise : Black America Since MLKon order
Green, Nile.The love of strangers : what six Muslim students learned in Jane Austen's Londonon order
Hancock, LarrySurprise Attack : From Pearl Harbor to 9/11 to Benghazion order
Haygood, WilShowdown : Thurgood Marshall and the Supreme Court Nomination That Changed Americaon order
Hervieux, LindaForgotten : The Untold Story of D-Day's Black Heroes, at Home and at Waron order
Higgins, Charlotte, 1972-Under another sky : journeys in Roman Britain936.1 H
Holland, JamesThe Rise of Germany, 1939-1941 : The Rise of Germany, 1939-1941on order
Horne, AlistairHubris : The Tragedy of War in the Twentieth Centuryon order
Iyer, Deepa.We too sing America : South Asian, Arab, Muslim, and Sikh immigrants shape our multiracial futureon order
Lawless, Jennifer L., 1975-Running from office : why young Americans are turned off to politics320.40835 L
Locker, Ray.Nixon's gamble : how a president's own secret government destroyed his administrationon order
Nabokov, PeterHow the World Moves : The Odyssey of an American Indian Familyon order
National Geographic Society (U. S.)/ Petroski, Henri (FRW)An Uncommon History of Common Things 2on order
Pellegrino, Charles R.To hell and back : the last train from Hiroshimaon order
Pietrusza, David, 1949-1932 : the rise of Hitler and FDR ; two tales of politics, betrayal, and unlikely destinyon order
Raphael, Ray.The spirit of 74 : how the American Revolution beganon order
Rauch, Georg, 1924-2006, author.Unlikely warrior : a Jewish soldier in Hitler's armyB RAUCH R
Reich, Robert B.Saving capitalism : for the many, not the fewon order
Rivlin, Gary, author.Katrina : after the floodon order
Sante, Luc.The other Paris / The People's City, Nineteenth and Twentieth Centurieson order
Slaughter, Anne-MarieUnfinished Business : Equality for Women and Men, Work and Familyon order
Summers, Julie.Home fires : the story of the Women's Institute in the Second World Waron order
Tasini, JonathanThe Essential Bernie Sanders and His Vision for Americaon order
Taylor, FrederickCoventry : November 14 1940on order
Toll, Ian W.The conquering tide : war in the Pacific Islands, 1942/1944on order
Woods, Chris (Journalist), author.Sudden justice : America's secret drone wars623.7469 W