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Author Title Call #
Aarsen, CarolyneA father in the makingAarsen
Corbit, DanaFinally a motherCorbit
Davids, Patricia.The shepherd's brideDavids
Dunn, Sharon, 1965-Top secret identityDunn
Goodnight, Linda.The lawman's honorGoodnight
Hannon, Irene.One perfect spring : a novelon order
Kaye, GlynnaPine country cowboyKaye
Kingery, Laurie, 1951-The preacher's bride claimKingery
Martin, Gail Gaymer, 1937-Rescued by the firefighterMartin
Mehl, Nancy.Gathering shadowson order
Mountain, Kerri.Wyoming promisesMountain
Orchard, Sandra.Perilous watersOrchard
Rawlings, Naomi.The soldier's secretsRawlings
Ryan, ReneeClaiming the doctor's heartRyan
Sawyer, Kim Vogel.Through the deep waters : a novelon order
Scott, Laura, 1961-Wrongly accusedScott
Scott, Regina, 1959-.The husband campaignScott
Vogt, Beth K.Somebody like you : a novelon order
Wilkinson, Kit.Lancaster County targetWilkinson
Wiseman, Beth/ Fuller, Kathleen/ Goyer, Tricia/ Chapman, VannettaAn Amish gardenon order