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Author Title Call #
A very merry Pooh yearJDVD V
Christmas is here againJDVD C
Max & Ruby. A merry bunny Christmas!JDVD MAX
Veggie Tales. Saint Nicholas : a story of joyful givingJDVD V
A Muppets Christmas : letters to SantaJDVD M
Dora's Christmas carol adventureJDVD D
I want a dog for Christmas, Charlie BrownJDVD I
Curious George. A very monkey ChristmasJDVD CUR
Santa BuddiesJDVD SAN
Mickey's magical Christmas : snowed in at the House of MouseJDVD M
How the Grinch stole Christmas!JDVD H
Phineas and Ferb. A very Perry Christmas.JDVD P
The search for Santa PawsJDVD S
Charlie Brown's Christmas talesJDVD C
Santa Claus is coming to townJDVD SAN
Max & Ruby. Max's Christmas wishJDVD MAX
Rudolph the red-nosed reindeerJDVD R
Yogi Bear's all-star comedy Christmas caperJDVD Y
The Polar ExpressJBLU RAY P
The Smurfs. Holiday celebrationJDVD SMU
Dr. Seuss's holidays on the loose!JDVD D
Babar and Father Christmas.JDVD B
Beauty and the beast : the enchanted ChristmasJDVD B
Beauty & the Beast. The enchanted ChristmasJBLU RAY B
Ice age. A mammoth Christmas specialJDVD ICE
Dora the explorer. Dora's Christmas!JDVD DOR
Frosty the snowmanJDVD FRO
Arthur's perfect Christmas.JDVD A
VeggieTales. The ultimate Christmas collection. Volume 1.JDVD V
Santa paws 2 : the Santa pupsJDVD S
Thomas & friends. A very Thomas ChristmasJDVD T
Mr. Magoo's Christmas carolJDVD M
Christmas is here againJDVD C
The Cat in the Hat knows a lot about Christmas!JDVD C
Alvin and the Chipmunks. Christmas with the ChipmunksJDVD A
The Smurfs. A Christmas carol.JDVD S
Scooby-Doo! and the snow creaturesJDVD S
Bratz babyz save Christmas : the movieJDVD B
A Charlie Brown ChristmasJDVD C
Eloise at ChristmastimeJDVD E
Mickey's twice upon a ChristmasJDVD M
Max & Ruby's ChristmasJDVD MAX
The legend of Frosty the SnowmanJDVD LEG
Classic cartoon favorites. Volume 9, classic holiday storiesJDVD C
The Polar ExpressJDVD POL
The Muppet Christmas carol.JDVD M
The happy elfJDVD H
Father ChristmasJDVD F
Go Diego go! Diego saves Christmas!JDVD G
A Flintstones Christmas carol.JDVD F
How the Grinch stole Christmas!JDVD H
The year without a Santa ClausJDVD Y
Emmet Otter's jug-band ChristmasJDVD EMM
Mickey's Christmas carol.JDVD MIC
A very merry Pooh yearJDVD VER