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Author Title Call #
Baker, E. D.The fairy-tale matchmakeron order
Barshaw, Ruth McNally, author, illustrator.The Ellie McDoodle diaries : Ellie for presidenton order
Blade, AdamThe Pirate King: Koron Jaws of DeathOn Order
Blade, AdamShamani the Raging Flameon order
Blade, AdamNoctila the Death Owlon order
Cronin, Doreen.The case of the weird blue chicken : the next misadventureon order
Gaiman, Neil.Hansel & Gretel : a Toon graphicon order
Hale, Shannon/ Hale, Dean/ Pham, Leuyen (ILT)The Princess in Blackon order
Kehret, Peg.Dangerous deceptionon order
Kloepfer, John, author.Zombies of the Caribbeanon order
London, Matt, author.The 8th continentJ London
Mass, Wendy/ Brawer, MichaelSpace Taxi : Water Planet Rescueon order
McNamara, Margaret, author.Christmas fairy magicJ McNamara
Nelson, Peter, 1953- author.Creature Keepers and the hijacked Hydro-HideJ Nelson
Nelson, S. D.Digging a hole to heaven : a story about the coal mine boyson order
Pakkala, Christine/ Hoppe, Paul (ILT)Last-But-Not-Least Lola and the Wild Chickenon order
Rosenstock, Barb, author.Ben Franklin's big splash : the mostly true story of his first inventionJ Rosenstock
Sherry, KevinMeet the Bigfeeton order
Smith, Alex T.Claude on the slopeson order
Sternberg, Julie/ Wright, Johanna (ILT)It's Me, Celieon order
Sutherland, Tui T.Spirit Animals: Book 5: Against the TideOn Order
Yolen, Jane.Centaur risingon order
Zeltser, David.Lug: dawn of the Ice AgeJ Zeltser