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Author Title Call #
Ain, Beth Levine, author.Starring Jules (super-secret spy girl)on order
Banks, RosieMermaid Reefon order
Bean, Raymond, author.Building wealth (and superpowered rockets!)on order
Bell, Sophie.Lilac attack!J Bell
Berk, Sheryl, author.Baby cakes / The Cupcake Clubon order
Blakemore, Megan Frazer.The spy catchers of Maple Hillon order
Burchett, Jan.The deadly trapJ Burchett
Burchett, Jan, author.Skeleton IslandJ Burchett
Candlewick Press/ Wgbh (ILT)Show's overon order
Cheng, Andrea.The year of the fortune cookieon order
Christopher, Matt, 1917-1997.Perfect gameJ Christopher
Cottrell Boyce, Frank/ Berger, Joe (ILT)Chitty Chitty Bang Bang over the Moonon order
Cronin, Doreen/ Cornell, Kevin (ILT)The Chicken Squad : The First Misadventureon order
Davies, Jacqueline, 1962-The magic trapon order
De Goldi, Kate, 1959-, author.The ACB with Honora LeeJ De Goldi
Hale, ShannonFire and Iceon order
Hannigan, Kate.Cupcake cousinson order
Harkrader, Lisa.Cool Beans : the adventure continueson order
Harrison, PaulaThe Ice Diamondon order
Healy, Christopher/ Harris, Todd (ILT)The Hero's Guide to Being an Outlawon order
Holub, Joan/ Williams, SuzanneCinderella Stays Lateon order
Kirby, Stan/ O'Connor, George (ILT)Captain Awesome and the Missing Elephantson order
Klise, Kate.The Greatest Star on Earthon order
Klise, Kate.Greetings from the GraveyardJ Klise
Krosoczka, Jarrett.The ostrich conspiracyon order
Lampard, FrankFrankie Vs. the Cowboy's Crewon order
Lampard, FrankFrankie Vs. the Rowdy Romanson order
Lampard, FrankFrankie Vs. the Pirate Pillagerson order
Lee, Jenny, 1971-Secrets, Secret Service, and room serviceon order
Nix, Garth, author.Blood tiesJ Spirit
O'Ryan, Ray/ Jack, Colin (ILT)Drake Makes a Splash!on order
Paris, Harper.The mystery of the mosaicon order
Paris, Harper.The mystery of the gold coinon order
Portipiano, Emanuela.Tinker Bell and BlazeJ 741.5973 D
Ziegler, JenniferRevenge of the Flower Girlson order