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Author Title Call #
Modernist Women poets : an anthology811.508 M
True stories, well told : from the first 20 years of Creative Nonfiction Magazine814.54 T
Baldwin, James, 1924-1987.Jimmy's blues and other poems811.54 B
Beckett, Samuel/ Lawlor, Sean (EDT)/ Pilling, John (EDT)The Collected Poems of Samuel Becketton order
Berry, Wendell, 1934-Terrapin and other poems / Poems by Wendell Berryon order
Binchy, Maeve.Maeve's times : in her own wordson order
Calvino, Italo, author.Collection of sand : essays854.914 C
Corrigan, Maureen, author.So We Read On : How The Great Gatsby Came to Be and Why It Endureson order
Daum, Meghan, 1970- author.The unspeakable : and other subjects of discussionon order
Desalvo, LouiseThe Art of Slow Writing : Reflections on Time, Craft, and Creativityon order
Hall, Donald, 1928- author.Essays After Eightyon order
Hamby, Barbara, 1952- author.On the street of divine love : new and selected poems811.54 H
Hirsch, Edward.Gabriel : a poemon order
Keillor, Garrison, author.The Keillor reader813.54 K
Merritt, Stephin/ Chast, Roz (ILT)101 Two-Letter Wordson order
Oliver, Mary, 1935-Blue horses : poemson order
Schmidt, Michael, 1947-The novel : a biography809.3 S
Strand, Mark, 1934-Collected poemson order
Sullivan, John Jeremiah (EDT)/ Atwan, Robert (EDT)The Best American Essays 2014on order
Vonnegut, Kurt.If this isn't nice, what is? : advice to the young : the graduation speeches815.54 V