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Author Title Call #
Angelou, Maya, author.Rainbow in the cloud : the wisdom and spirit of Maya Angelou818.5409 A
Beckett, Samuel/ Lawlor, Sean (EDT)/ Pilling, John (EDT)The Collected Poems of Samuel Becketton order
Bellow, SaulThere Is Simply Too Much to Think About : Collected Nonfictionon order
Berry, Wendell, 1934-Terrapin and other poems / Poems by Wendell Berryon order
Berryman, John, 1914-1972.The heart is strange : new selected poemson order
Boland, Eavan.A woman without a country : poemson order
Brosman, Catharine Savage, 1934-On the old plaza : poemson order
Carter, Graydon (EDT)/ Friend, David (CON)Bohemians, bootleggers, flappers, and swells : the best of early Vanity fairon order
Corrigan, Maureen, author.So we read on : how The Great Gatsby came to be and why it endures813.52 C
Daum, Meghan, 1970- author.The unspeakable : and other subjects of discussionon order
Di Prima, Diane.The Poetry dealon order
Hall, Donald, 1928- author.Essays After Eightyon order
Hirsch, Edward, author.Gabriel : a poem811.54 H
Howe, FannySecond Childhoodon order
Katsaropoulos, ChrisComplex Knowingon order
Laux, Dorianne/ Danziger, Jazzy (EDT)Best New Poets 2014 : 50 Poems from Emerging Writerson order
Moten, FredThe Feel Trioon order
Murphy, Sinéad.The Jane Austen rules : a classic guide to modern love823 M
Nguyễn, Phan Quế Mai, 1973- author, translator.The secret of Hoa Senon order
Pratchett, Terry.A slip of the keyboard : collected nonfictionon order
Rankine, Claudia, 1963- author.Citizen : an American lyricon order
Sondheim, Stephen (CRT)/ Lapine, JamesInto the Woodson order
Sussler, Betsy (EDT)BOMB : the author interviewson order
Sussman, Lauren, author.If I was you ... / And Alot More Grammar Mistakes You Might Be Makingon order