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Author Title Call #
Bancks, Tristan.On the runon order
Braswell, Liz, author.A whole new world : a twisted taleY Braswell
Burt, Marissa.A sliver of stardustY Burt
Carman, PatrickOmega Risingon order
Cheaney, J. B.I don't know how the story endsY Cheaney
Cheverton, Mark, authorDestruction of the overworld : an unofficial Minecrafter's adventureY Minecraft
Cody, MatthewThe Peddler's Roadon order
Del Rio, Tania.Warren the 13th and the All-Seeing Eyeon order
Donnelly, Jennifer.Dark tideY Donnelly
Dunn, PintipForget Tomorrowon order
Durst, Sarah Beth.The girl who could not dreamY Durst
Earle, Phil, author.The bubble wrap boyY Earle
Fiedler, Lisa, author.Return of the forgottenY Fiedler
Fleming, Bryn.Jasper & Willie : wildfireY Fleming
Forman, M. L.The Ax of Sunderingon order
Franklin, Jo.I'm an alien and I want to go homeY Franklin
Funaro, GregoryAlistair Grim's Odd Aquaticumon order
Grabenstein, Chris.Mr. Lemoncello's Library Olympicson order
Grey, C. R.Flight of the kingY Grey
Haddix, Margaret PetersonUnder Their Skinon order
Hepler, Heather, auther.Frosted kisseson order
Holt, K. A., author.House arrestY Holt
Hunter, ErinThe Longest Dayon order
Hunter, Erin, author.A pack dividedon order
Johnson, Varian, author.To catch a cheaton order
Jones, Ena, author.Clayton Stone, at your serviceY Jones
Kelley, Gretchen.Superheroes don't eat veggie burgerson order
Key, Watt.Terror at Bottle Creekon order
Kinney, Jeff.Diary of a wimpy kid : old schoolY Kinney
Kittscher, Kristen.The tiara on the terraceon order
Kreller, Susan, 1977-You can't see the elephantsY Kreller
Limbaugh, Rush H., author.Rush Revere and The star spangled banner : time-travel adventures with exceptional AmericansY Limbaugh
Lupica, Mike (Local author)Fast breakY Lupica
Mancusi, MariGolden Girlon order
Meloy, Maile.The After-roomon order
Messenger, Shannon.NeverseenY Messenger
Naylor, Phyllis ReynoldsGoing Where It's Darkon order
Nesbet, Anne.The wrinkled crownon order
Nielsen, Jennifer A, author.Rise of the wolfon order
Phillips, Billy/ Nissenson, JennyThe Color of Fearon order
Potter, David, 1955-Abe Lincoln and the selfie that saved the Unionon order
Preus, Margi.The bamboo swordY Preus
Richards, JasmineSecrets of Valhallaon order
Riley, James, 1977-The stolen chapterson order
Romanek, TrudeeRaising the Stakeson order
Sackier, Shelley, author.Dear OPLY Sackier
Sage, Angie.SandRiderY Sage
Selfors, SuzanneFairy's Got Talenton order
Smith, Roland, 1951-The edgeY Smith
Smith, Sherri L., author.The toymaker's apprenticeY Smith
Stroud, Jonathan.The hollow boyon order
Tanner, LianIcebreakeron order
Townley, RoderickA Bitter Magicon order
Wasserman, Robin.Game of flamesY Voyagers
Wetzel, Joanne StewartPlaying Julieton order
Zimmerman, Virginia.The rosemary spellon order