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Author Title Call #
Arnold, Elana K., author.Far from fairY Arnold
Auxier, Jonathan, author.Sophie Quire and the last StoryguardY Auxier
Baker, E. D., author.Princess between worlds : a tale of the wide-awake princessY Baker
Banks, Angelica, author.A week without TuesdayY Banks
Bosch, Pseudonymous, author.Bad luckY Bosch
Brown, Gavin, 1983- author.Josh Baxter levels upY Brown
Carter, Aimée, 1986-Simon Thorn and the wolf's denY Carter
Castleman, Virginia.Sara lost and foundY Castleman
Cohen, Marina, 1967- author.The Inn BetweenY Cohen
Cushman, Karen, author.Grayling's songY Cushman
De la Cruz, Melissa, 1971- author.Return to the Isle of the Lost : a Descendants novelY De la Cruz
Flanagan, John (John Anthony), author.The ghostfacesY Flanagan
Fox, Janet S., author.The charmed children of Rookskill CastleY Fox
Gerhardt, Jake, 1970-Me and Miranda MullalyY Gerhardt
Harrington, Karen, 1967- author.MaydayY Harrington
Hegarty, Shane, author.Worlds explodeY Hegarty
Hunter, Erin, author.The longest dayY Hunter
Johnson, Jaleigh, author.The secrets of SolaceY Johnson
Johnson, Varian, author.To catch a cheatY Johnson
Kelley, Gretchen.Superheroes don't eat veggie burgersY Kelley
Key, Watt.Terror at Bottle CreekY Key
Khan, Joshua.Shadow magicY Khan
Kittscher, Kristen, author.The tiara on the terraceY Kittscher
Krisp, Caleb, author.Somebody stop Ivy PocketY Krisp
López, Diana.Nothing up my sleeveY Lopez
Mann, Jennifer Ann.Scar : a Revolutionary War taleY Mann
Maschari, Jennifer.The remarkable journey of Charlie PriceY Maschari
McKay, Laurie, author.Quest makerY McKay
Messner, Kate, author.The seventh wishY Messner
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds, author.Going where it's darkY Naylor
Nielsen, Jennifer A., author.Rise of the wolfY Nielsen
Northrop, Michael, author.The final kingdomY Tombquest
O'Hearn, Kate.ValkyrieY O'Hearn
Richards, Jasmine, author.Secrets of ValhallaY Richards
Riley, James, 1977-The stolen chaptersY Riley
Rivers, Karen, 1970- author.The girl in the well is meY Rivers
Sanders, Ted, 1969- author.The harp and the ravenvineY Sanders
Schroeder, Lisa, author.Sealed with a secretY Schroeder
Shoulders, Michael, author.Crossing the deadline : Stephen's journey through the Civil WarY Shoulders
Singleton, Linda Joy.Kelsey the spyY Singleton
Springer, Kristina, author.Cici Reno : #middleschoolmatchmakerY Springer
Stratford, Jordan, author.The Case of the girl in greyY Stratford
Waxman, Mark S., author.The mcventures of me, Morgan McFactoid : hair today, gone tomorrowY Waxman
Zahler, Diane, author.Baker's magicY Zahler