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Author Title Call #
Baker, E. D, author.The truest hearton order
Barron, T. A, author.Atlantis loston order
Brown, Skila, author.To stay alive : Mary Ann Graves and the tragic journey of the Donner Partyon order
Burt, MarissaA Legend of Starfireon order
Cheng, JackSee You in the Cosmos, Carl Saganon order
Coggin, LindaThe Dog, Rayon order
Cummings, LindsayThe Traitor of Belltrollon order
Davies, Jacqueline, 1962- author.Nothing but troubleon order
Diaz, Alexandra, author.The only roadon order
Fraillon, Zana, author.The Bone Sparrowon order
Green, Shari, 1963- author.Root beer candy and other miracleson order
Hirsch, Alex, 1985- author.3on order
Holub, Joan, author.Gretel pushes backY Holub
Howard, Eva, author.League of archerson order
Hunter, Erin, author.Hawkwing's journeyon order
Kendall, Christine, author.Riding Chanceon order
Kinney, Jeff, author.Diary of a wimpy kid. Double downon order
Legrand, Claire, 1986- author.Foxhearton order
McDonough, Yona Zeldis, author.The bicycle spyon order
McGee, Ron/ Samnee, Chris (ILT)Ryan Quinn and the Rebel's Escapeon order
Milford, Kate, author.The Left-Handed Fateon order
Mills, Claudia, author.Write this downon order
O'Dowd, Chris, 1980- author.Moone boy : the fish detectiveon order
O'Dowd, Chris, 1980- author.Moone boy : the blunder yearson order
Patterson, James, 1947- author.Dog's best friendon order
Peñaflor, Lygia Day, author.Unscripted Joss Byrd : a novelon order
Sage, Angie, author.StarChaseron order
Sonnenblick, Jordan, author.Falling over sidewayson order
Stokes, Jonathan, author.Addison Cooke and the treasure of the Incason order
Swartz, Elly D, author.Finding perfecton order
Teagan, Erin, author.The friendship experimenton order
Time, Nicholas O, author.Wrong place, (really) wrong timeon order
Vail, RachelWell, That Was Awkwardon order
Valentino, Serena, author.Poor unfortunate soul : a tale of the sea witchon order
Van Draanen, WendelinThe Secret Life of Lincoln Joneson order
Volponi, Paul, author.Top prospecton order
Warner, Penny, author.The secret of the puzzle boxon order
Williams, Carol Lynch, author.Messengeron order
Wolverton, Barry/ Stevenson, Dave (ILT)The Dragon's Gateon order