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Author Title Call #
Alan, IsabellaMurder, Served Simplyon order
Bannister, JoPerfect Sinson order
Blackwell, JulietKeeper of the Castle: A Haunted Home Renovation Mystery
Brackston, P. J.Gretel and the Case of the Missing Frog Prints : A Brothers Grimm Mysteryon order
Carlisle, KateThis Old Homicideon order
Cleland, Jane K.Blood Rubies : A Josie Prescott Antiques Mysteryon order
Cleverly, Barbara.Enter pale deathon order
Collett, ChrisDead of Nighton order
Conrad, Hy.Mr. monk and the new lieutenanton order
Dailey, Judy.Forget you ever knew meon order
De Castrique, MarkRisky Undertaking : A Buryin' Barry Mysteryon order
Ekback, CeciliaWolf Winteron order
Estleman, Loren D.You Know Who Killed Meon order
Ferris, Monica.Darned if you doon order
Gilmartin, Katie.Blackmail, my love / A Murder Mysteryon order
Graham, L. T., 1950-The blue journal : a Detective Anthony Walker novelon order
Gregson, J. M.A Necessary End : A Percy Peach Police Proceduralon order
Hall, Parnell.Puzzled indemnity : a Puzzle Lady mysteryon order
Hawkins, PaulaThe Girl on the Trainon order
Horowitz, AnthonyMoriartyon order
Hunt, James Patrick, 1964-The reckoningon order
James, Miranda.Arsenic and old bookson order
Kelly, JimAt Death's Window : A Shaw and Valentine Police Proceduralon order
La Plante, Lynda.Wrongful deathon order
Madsen, DianeThe Conan Doyle Notes : The Secret of Jack the Ripperon order
May, PeterThe Chessmenon order
Mulford, Carolyn.Show me the goldon order
Oswald, JamesThe Hangman's Songon order
Purser, AnnSuspicion at Sevenon order
Ramsay, FrederickThe Wolf and the Lamb : A Jerusalem Mysteryon order
Scherm, RebeccaUnbecomingon order
Spector, LivThe Beautiful and the Wickedon order
Thilliez, Franck.Bred to kill : a thrilleron order
Thomas, Samuel S.The witch hunter's tale : a midwife mysteryon order
Todd, Charles.A fine summer's day : an Inspector Ian Rutledge mysteryon order