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Author Title Call #
Alexander, Tasha, 1969- author.A terrible beautyMYSTERY Alexander
Barclay, Linwood, author.The twenty-threeMYSTERY Barclay
Bauer, BelindaThe Beautiful Deadon order
Blædel, Sara, author.The lost womanon order
Block, Lawrence, author.Sinner manMYSTERY Block
Buzzelli, Elizabeth KaneShe Stopped for Deathon order
Camilleri, Andrea, author.A voice in the nightMYSTERY Camilleri
Carlisle, Kate, 1951-Deck the hallwaysMYSTERY Carlisle
Carse, JamesPhdeath : The Puzzler Murderson order
Celine, MariePet in Perilon order
Challinor, C. S. (Caroline S.), author.Judgment of murderMYSTERY Challinor
Chase, Julie (Mystery writer)Cat got your diamonds : a kitty couture mysteryMYSTERY Chase
Clark, Marcia, author.Moral defenseMYSTERY Clark
Coyle, Cleo, author.Dead cold brewon order
Dorsey, C. Michele.Permanent sunset : a Sabrina Salter mysteryMYSTERY Dorsey
Driscoll, Sara, author.Lone wolfMYSTERY Driscoll
Dugoni, RobertThe Trapped Girlon order
Duncan, Elizabeth J., author.Ill met by murderMYSTERY Duncan
Estleman, Loren D., author.BrazenMYSTERY Estleman
Ewan, Chris, 1976- author.Long time loston order
Finch, Charles (Charles B.), author.The inheritanceMYSTERY Finch
Freeman, BrianThe Night Birdon order
Grebe, Camilla, author.The ice beneath her : a novelon order
Griffiths, Elly, author.Smoke and mirrorsMYSTERY Griffiths
Harper, Jane (Jane Elizabeth), author.The dry : a novelon order
Hunt, Andrew E., 1968- author.Desolation FlatsMYSTERY Hunt
James, P. D., author.The mistletoe murder : and other storiesMYSTERY James
James, Peter, 1948-Love you deadMYSTERY James
Jones, Stephen Mack, author.August Snowon order
Kelly, Diane, author.Above the pawMYSTERY Kelly
Lee, Amanda, 1967- author.Better off thread : an Embroidery mysteryMYSTERY Lee
Lenhardt, Melissa, author.The Fisher KingMYSTERY Lenhardt
Littlejohn, Emily, author.Inherit the bonesMYSTERY Littlejohn
Lloyd, Catherine, 1963- author.Death comes to the fairMYSTERY Lloyd
Long, Julie-Anne, author.Wild at Whiskey Creek : a Hellcat Canyon novelLong
Moore, Jonathan, 1977- author.The dark roomon order
Oust, Gail, 1943- author.Curried awayon order
Perry, ThomasThe Old Manon order
Pinborough, Sarah, 1972- author.Behind her eyes : a novelon order
Rankin, IanRather Be the Devilon order
Reichs, Kathy, author.The bone collection : four novellasMYSTERY Reichs
Rowland, Laura JohThe Ripper's Shadow : A Victorian Mysteryon order
Schofield, Douglas, author.Storm risingMYSTERY Schofield
Shames, Terry, author.An unsettling crime for Samuel Craddock : a Samuel Craddock mysteryon order
Shepard, SamThe One Insideon order
Smith, Carrie, author.Forgotten city : a Claire Codella mysteryMYSTERY Smith
Staub, Wendy Corsi, author.Something buried, something blue : a Lily Dale mysteryMYSTERY Staub
Thomas, Sherry (Sherry M.), author.A study in scarlet womenMYSTERY Thomas
Tursten, Helene, 1954- author.Who watchethMYSTERY Tursten
White, Randy Wayne, author.SeducedMYSTERY White