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Author Title Call #
Atkins, AceRobert B. Parker's Little White Lieson order
Bauer, BelindaThe Facts of Life and Deathon order
Bauer, Belinda, 1962- author.Finders keepersMYSTERY Bauer
Box, C. J., author.Vicious circleMYSTERY Box
Cain, Sarah, author.One by one : a Danny Ryan mysteryMYSTERY Cain
Cleeves, AnnCold Earthon order
Connolly, Sheila, author.Cruel winter : a County Cork mysteryMYSTERY Connolly
Estleman, Loren D., author.The lioness is the hunter : an Amos Walker novelMYSTERY Estleman
Griffiths, Elly, author.The chalk pit : a Ruth Galloway mysteryon order
Harris, C. S, author.Where the dead lieon order
Haseldine, JaneDuplicityon order
Hillerman, AnneSong of the Lionon order
Mcelwain, JulieA Twist in Timeon order
McKevett, G. A.Every Body on Deckon order
Mina, Denise, author.The long dropon order
Nesbo, Jo/ Smith, Neil (TRN)The Thirston order
Norman, HowardMy Darling Detectiveon order
O'Connor, Carlene.Murder at an Irish weddingMYSTERY O'Connor
Riggs, CynthiaTrumpet of Deathon order
Runcie, JamesSidney Chambers and the Persistence of Loveon order
Ryan, Annelise, author.Dead in the waterMYSTERY Ryan
Shelton, Paige, author.Of books and bagpipes : a Scottish bookshop mysteryon order
Simpson, RosemaryWhat the Dead Leave Behindon order
Spillane, Mickey, 1918-2006, author.The will to killMYSTERY Spillane
Thompson, Victoria (Victoria E.), author.Murder in the Boweryon order
Vargas, Fred, author.A climate of fearMYSTERY Vargas
Wechsler, PamelaThe Graveson order
White, Randy Wayne, author.Mangrove lightningMYSTERY White