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Author Title Call #
Bannister, JoPerfect Sinson order
Barron, Stephanie.Jane and the twelve days of Christmas : being a Jane Austen mysteryon order
Carlisle, KateA High-End Finish: A Fixer-Upper Mystery
Chandler-Willis, Lynn, 1960-Wink of an eye : a mysteryon order
Clare, AlysBlood of the South : A Medieval Mystical Mysteryon order
Cleland, Jane K.Blood Rubies : A Josie Prescott Antiques Mysteryon order
Cleverly, Barbara.Enter pale deathon order
Connolly, John, 1968-The wolf in winter : a Charlie Parker thrilleron order
Dailey, Judy.Forget you ever knew meon order
De Castrique, MarkRisky Undertaking : A Buryin' Barry Mysteryon order
Dunnett, KaitlynHo-ho-homicideon order
Estleman, Loren D.You Know Who Killed Meon order
Gibson, William, 1948-The peripheralon order
Hall, ParnellSafari : A Stanley Hastings Mysteryon order
Hallinan, Timothy.For the deadon order
Hawkins, PaulaThe Girl on the Trainon order
Horowitz, AnthonyMoriartyon order
Jones, Darynda.Seventh grave and no bodyMYSTERY Jones
MacRae, MollyPlagued by Quilt: A Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery
Marks, MaryKnot in My Backyard813.6
Mayor, Archer.Proof positive : a Joe Gunther novelMYSTERY Mayor
McKenzie, C. B.Bad country : a novelon order
McKinty, Adrian (EDT)/ Neville, Stuart (EDT)Belfast Noiron order
Molay, Frďřique/ Trager, Anne (TRN)The 7th Womanon order
Morrow, BradfordThe Forgerson order
Mulford, Carolyn.Show me the goldon order
Purser, AnnSuspicion at Sevenon order
Ramsay, FrederickThe Wolf and the Lamb : A Jerusalem Mysteryon order
Scherm, RebeccaUnbecomingon order
Todd, Charles.A fine summer's day : an Inspector Ian Rutledge mysteryon order
Vallere, DianeSuede to Rest
Weaver, Ashley.Murder at the Brightwellon order
Webb, BettyDesert Rage : A Lena Jones Mysteryon order