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Author Title Call #
Adler, Victoria.All of baby, nose to toesE Adler
Appelt, Kathi, 1954-Brand-new baby bluesE Appelt
Banks, Kate, 1960-This babyE Banks
Barber, Nicola.A new baby arrivesJ 306.8753 B
Bunting, Eve, 1928-Will it be a baby brother?E Bunting
Burningham, John.There's going to be a babyE Burningham
Cocca-Leffler, Maryann, 1958-Theo's MoodE Cocca-Leffler
Cole, Joanna.I'm a big sisterE Cole
Cole, Joanna.The new baby at your houseJ 306.875 C
Cole, Joanna, author.I'm a big brotherE Cole
Dempsey, Sheena.Bye-bye baby brother!E Dempsey
Featherstone, Sally.50 fantastic things to do with babiesPTC 372.21 F
Higginson, Sheila Sweeny, 1966-You're getting a baby sister!E Higginson
Higginson, Sheila Sweeny, 1966-You're getting a baby brother!E Higginson
Holabird, Katharine.Angelina's baby sisterE Holabird
Johnston, Tony, 1942-Laugh out loud babyE Johnston
Kantorovitz, Sylvie.The very tiny babyE Kantorovitz
MacLachlan, Patricia.You were the firstE MacLachlan
Murkoff, Heidi Eisenberg.What to expect when the new baby comes homePTC J 612.6 M
O'Connell, Rebecca, 1968-Baby paradeE O'Connell
Rock, Lois, 1953-Now we have a babyE Rock
Rylant, Cynthia.Baby face : a book of love for babyJ 811.54 R
Scanlon, Elizabeth Garton.Happy birthday, Bunny!E Scanlon
Schaefer, Lola M., 1950-One special dayE Schaefer
Shields, Gillian.When the world was waiting for youE Shields
White, Kathryn (Kathryn Ivy)Ruby's baby brotherE White
Wilson, Karma.Baby, I love youE Wilson
Witek, Jo, 1968-Hello in there! : a big sister's book of waitingE Witek
Woodson, Jacqueline.Pecan pie babyE Woodson