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Author Title Call #
Angleberger, Tom.McToad mows Tiny Islandon order
Arnold, TeddVincent Paints His Houseon order
Asch, FrankI Can Roar!on order
Austin, MikeFire Engine No. 9on order
Bailey, Linda/ Slavin, Bill (ILT)Stanley at Schoolon order
Bateman, Teresa/ Sheban, Chris (ILT)Job Wantedon order
Baumgarten, Bret/ Otoshi, Kathryn (ILT)Beautiful Handson order
Beaumont, Karen.Crybabyon order
Blackford, Cheryl, author.Hungry CoyoteE Blackford
Borando, SilviaBlack Cat, White Caton order
Brown, Marc Tolon, author, illustrator.Monkey : not ready for kindergartenE Brown
Buzzeo, Toni/ Datz, Jim (ILT)Whose Truck?on order
Capucilli, Alyssa Satin, 1957-Not this bearE Capucilli
Colfer, Eoin/ Jeffers, Oliver (ILT)Imaginary Fredon order
Curato, Mike, author, illustrator.Little Elliot, big familyon order
Daywalt, Drew, author.The day the crayons came homeon order
Dean, James, 1957- author, illustrator.Pete the Cat. Rock on, mom and dad!E Dean
Dean, Kim, 1969-Pete the cat and the bedtime blueson order
dePaola, TomieLook and Be Gratefulon order
Dubuc, MarianneMr. Postmouse's Roundson order
Elliott, David/ Nichols, Lori (ILT)This Orq : He Say Ugh!on order
Ferrell, Sean.I don't like KoalaE Ferrell
Garza, Xavier (ILT)The Great and Mighty Nikkoon order
Graham, Bob/ Graham, Bob (ILT)How the Sun Got to Coco's Houseon order
Hamilton, Libby/ Leyssenne, Mathieu (ILT)/ Kraft, Jason (ILT)The Ultimate Pirate Handbookon order
Henkes, KevinWaitingon order
Hughes, Emily (ILT)The Little Gardeneron order
Jenkins, Emily, 1967-The fun book of scary stuffon order
Jenkins, Emily/ Zelinsky, Paul O. (ILT)Toys Meet Snowon order
Kasza, KeikoFinders Keeperson order
Kennedy, Anne VitturRagweed's Farm Dog Handbookon order
Leduc, Emilie/ Tanaka, Shelley (TRN)All Year Roundon order
Long, Loren, author, illustrator.Little treeon order
Lyon, George Ella, 1949- author.Boats float!on order
Mann, Jennifer K., author.I will never get a star on Mrs. Benson's blackboardE Mann
Manushkin, Fran/ Tobia, Lauren (ILT)Happy in Our Skinon order
Miyakoshi, AkikoThe Tea Party in the Woodson order
Nichols, Lori, author, illustrator.Maple & Willow aparton order
Nosy Crow (COR)/ Teckentrup, Britta (ILT)Get Out of My Bath!on order
Ochiltree, Dianne.It's a seashell dayE Ochiltree
Parr, ToddThe Goodbye Bookon order
Perret, Delphine, author, artist.Pedro and GeorgeE Perret
Pilutti, Deb, author, illustrator.Bear and Squirrel are friends...yes, really! / Yes, Really!on order
Sitomer, Alan Lawrence.Daddy's back-to-school shopping adventureon order
Slobodkina, Esphyr, 1908-2002.More caps for sale : another tale of mischievous monkeyson order
Sperring, Mark, author.Mabel and me : best of friendsE Sperring
Stille, Ljuba, author, illustrator.Mia's thumbE Stille
Stine, R. L./ Brown, Marc Tolon (ILT)The Little Shop of Monsterson order
Williamson, JoHow to Be a Dogon order
Yarlett, Emma, author, illustrator.Orion and the darkE Yarlett