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Author Title Call #
Alexie, Sherman, 1966-Thunder Boy Jr.E Alexie
Atkinson, Cale, author, illustrator.Explorers of the wildE Atkinson
Bee, William, author, illustrator.Stanley the mailmanE Bee
Bowes, Lisa, 1966- author.Lucy tries soccerE Bowes
Côté, Geneviève, author, illustrator.Mr. King's machineE Cote
Davies, Benji, author, illustrator.Grandad's islandE Davies
Hemingway, Edward.Field guide to the GrumpasaurusE Hemingway
Horáček, Petr, author, illustrator.The mouse who reached the skyE Horacek
Jules, Jacqueline, 1956- author.Feathers for peacockE Jules
Khan, Hena, author.It's Ramadan, Curious GeorgeE Khan
Lies, Brian, author, illustrator.Gator dadE Lies
Lombardi, Kristine A., author, illustrator.The grumpy petsE Lombardi
Mack, Jeff, author, illustrator.Playtime?E Mack
Mann, Jennifer K., author, illustrator.Sam and JumpE Mann
Milgrim, David, author.Moo birdE Milgrim
Murray, Alison (Illustrator), author, illustrator.Hare and TortoiseE Murray
Potter, Giselle, author, illustrator.This is my dollhouseE Potter
Regan, Dian Curtis, author.Space boy and the space pirateE Regan
Rey, H. A.Happy Birthday, Curious George!on order
Ringgold, Faith, author, illustrator.We came to AmericaE Ringgold
Staake, Bob, 1957- author, illustrator.Beachy and meE Staake
Sterling, Holly, author, illustrator.Hiccups!on order
Turk, Evan, author, illustrator.The storytellerE Turk
Verdick, Elizabeth.Calm-down time : [board book]PTC E Verdick
Verdick, Elizabeth, author.Voices are not for yelling : [board book]PTC J 395.122 V
Vincent, Kay, author, illustrator.Animal alphabetE Vincent
Yoo, Paula.Lily's new homeICR E Yoo