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Author Title Call #
Austin, Lynnette, 1949- author.Every bride has her dayAustin
Banks, MayaWith Every Breathon order
Blackwood, LilyThe Beast of Clan Kincaidon order
Bylin, Victoria, author.Someone like youBylin
Chase, SamanthaJordan's Returnon order
Dimon, HelenKayUnder the Wireon order
Frost, JeanieneThe Sweetest Burnon order
Helm, Nicole.Outlaw cowboyHelm
Hunter, Madeline, author.The wicked dukeHunter
Kimmel, KathleenA Gentleman's Guide to Scandalon order
Leigh, Eva, author.Temptations of a wallflowerLeigh
MacAlister, KatieDaring in a Blue Dresson order
Maxwell, CathyThe Fairest of Them Allon order
Michaels, Charis, author.The earl next doorMichaels
Miles, RachaelChasing the Heiresson order
Morgan, Sarah, author.Sleepless in ManhattanMorgan
Murphy, Monica, 1970- author.Never let you goMurphy
Probst, Jennifer, author.Everywhere and every wayProbst
Showalter, Gena, author.The darkest tormentShowalter
Singh, Nalini, 1977- author.Allegiance of honoron order
Wade, Becky, author.Her one and only : a novelWade