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Author Title Call #
Avery, MarkA Message from Martha : The Extinction of the Passenger Pigeon and Its Relevance Todayon order
Barnosky, Anthony D, author.Dodging extinction : power, food, money and the future of life on Earthon order
Defries, RuthThe Big Ratchet : How Natural Crisis Sparks Human Ingenuityon order
Lincoln, Don, author.The large hadron collider : the extraordinary story of the Higgs boson and other stuff that will blow your mindon order
Marciano, John Bemelmans, author.Whatever happened to the metric system? : how America kept its feet389.15 M
Marshall, George, author.Don't even think about it : why our brains are wired to ignore climate change551.6 M
Merrick, Nancy J., author.Among chimpanzees : field notes from the race to save our endangered relatives599.885 M
Mittermeier, Cristina G.Sublime nature : photographs that awe & inspire779.3 M
Oakley, Barbara A., 1955-A mind for numbers : how to excel at math and science (even if you flunked algebra)501.9 O
Packer, Laurence.Keeping the bees : why all bees are at risk and what we can do to save them595.799 P
Parsons, Keith M., 1952-It started with Copernicus : vital questions about science501 P
Pickrell, JohnFlying Dinosaurs : How Fearsome Reptiles Became Birdson order
Potter, Jennifer, 1949-Seven flowers : and how they shaped our world635.9 P
Prud'homme, Alex.Hydrofracking : what everyone needs to know622.3383 P
Reimer, David, 1962- author.Count like an Egyptian : a hands-on introduction to ancient mathematics510.93 R
Scott, Traer.Nocturne : creatures of the nighton order
Shachtman, Tom, 1942-Gentlemen scientists and revolutionaries : the founding fathers in the age of enlightenmenton order
Sobel, AdamStorm Surge : Hurricane Sandy, Our Changing Climate, and Extreme Weather of the Past and Futureon order
Trotta, Roberto.The edge of the sky : all you need to know about the all-there-is : (using only the ten hundred most-used words in our tongue)on order
Wheater, Carolyn C., 1951- author.Basic math and pre-algebra512 W