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Author Title Call #
The best American science and nature writing.500 B
Anctil, MichelDawn of the Neuron : The Early Struggles to Trace the Origin of Nervous Systemson order
Bell, Jim, 1965-The interstellar age : inside the forty-year Voyager mission919.9204 B
Burt, William, 1948-Water babies : the hidden lives of baby wetland birds598.176 B
Calaprice, Alice, author.An Einstein encyclopedia530.092 C
Corton, Christine L., 1958-London fog : the biography551.575 C
Foster, Alan DeanThe Force Awakenson order
Frebel, AnnaSearching for the Oldest Stars : Ancient Relics from the Early Universeon order
Hajeski, Nancy J., 1951-Life size birds : the big book of North American Birds598 H
Heacox, Kim.Rhythm of the wild : a life inspired by Alaska's Denali National Park979.83 H
Heilbron, John L.Physics : A Short History from Quintessence to Quarkson order
Hislop, Susanna.Stories in the stars : an atlas of constellations523.802 H
Imhoof, Markus, 1941- author.More than honey : the survival of bees and the future of our world595.799 I
Jeffreys, Leila, photographerBird love598 J
Lemov, RebeccaDatabase of Dreams : The Lost Quest to Catalog Humanityon order
Levenson, Thomas, author.The hunt for Vulcan : ...and how Albert Einstein destroyed a planet, discovered relativity, and deciphered the universe523.4 L
Montgomery, David R., 1961- author.The hidden half of nature : the microbial roots of life and health579.1757 M
Morton, Oliver, author.The planet remade : how geoengineering could change the world363.73874 M
Munroe, Randall, author.Thing explainer : complicated stuff in simple words500 M
Nye, Bill, author.Unstoppable : harnessing science to change the world363.7387 N
Randall, Lisa, author.Dark matter and the dinosaurs : the astounding interconnectedness of the universe523.1126 R
Redniss, Lauren, author, artist.Thunder & lightning : weather past, present, future551.609 R
Roker, Al, 1954-The storm of the century : tragedy, heroism, survival, and the epic true story of America's deadliest natural disaster : the great Gulf hurricane of 1900976.4139 R
Sala, Enric.Pristine seas : journeys to the ocean's last wild places577.7 S
Swick, Nate, author.Birding for the curious : the easiest way for anyone to explore the incredible world of birdson order
Toft, Catherine A./ Wright, Timothy F.Parrots of the Wild : A Natural History of the World's Most Captivating Birdson order
Tuttle, Merlin D.The secret lives of bats : my adventures with the world's most misunderstood mammals569.4074 T
Whitehouse, DavidInto the Heart of Our World : A Journey to the Center of the Earth: a Remarkable Voyage of Scientific Discoveryon order