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Author Title Call #
Alvarez, Walter, 1940- author.A most improbable journey : a big history of our planet and ourselves550 A
Bannick, Paul, 1963- author.Owl : a year in the lives of North American owls598.97 B
Brockman, JohnKnow This : Today's Most Interesting and Important Scientific Ideas, Discoveries, and Developmentson order
Burdick, Alan.Why time flies : a mostly scientific investigationon order
Conley, Dalton, 1969- author.The genome factor : what the social genomics revolution reveals about ourselves, our history, and the futureon order
David, Leonard (Space journalist)Mars : our future on the Red Planet919.923 D
Dinwiddie, Robert, 1953- author.The stars : the definitive visual guide to the cosmos523.8 D
Gorrow, Teena Ruark, 1958- author.Inside an osprey's nest : a photographic journey through nesting season598.9 G
Harari, Yuval NoahHomo Deus : A Brief History of Tomorrowon order
Holland, Mary, 1946- author.Naturally curious day by day : a photographic field guide and daily visit to the forests, fields, and wetlands of Eastern North America508.74 H
Krebill, Mike, author.The scout's guide to wild edibles : learn how to forage, prepare & eat 40 wild foods581.632 K
Merali, Zeeya, author.A big bang in a little room : the quest to create new universeson order
Preston, Louisa, author.Goldilocks and the water bears : the search for life in the universe576.839 P
Siegfried, RachelThe Flower Bookon order
Summers, Michael E, author.Exoplanets : diamonds worlds, super-Earths, pulsar planets, and the new search for life beyond our solar systemon order
Thompson, Mark (Astronomer), author.A space traveler's guide to the solar system629.4 T
Wasik, John F.Lightning strikes : timeless lessons in creativity from the life and work of Nikola Tesla621.3092 W
Williams, Florence, 1967- author.The nature fix : why nature makes us happier, healthier, and more creativeon order
Winkless, Laurie.Science and the city : the mechanics behind the metropolis307.76 W
Zickefoose, Julie, author.Natural gardening for birds : create a bird-friendly habitat in your backyard639.978 Z