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Author Title Call #
Bekoff, Marc, author.The animals' agenda : freedom, compassion, and coexistence in the human ageon order
Buonomano, Dean.Your brain is a time machine : the neuroscience and physics of timeon order
Cheng, EugeniaBeyond Infinity : An Expedition to the Outer Limits of Mathematicson order
David, Leonard (Space journalist)Mars : our future on the Red Planet919.923 D
Dean, Cornelia, author.Making sense of science : separating substance from spin500 D
Devlin, Keith J., author.Finding Fibonacci : the quest to rediscover the forgotten mathematical genius who changed the world512.72 D
Du Sautoy, Marcus, author.The great unknown : seven journeys to the frontiers of scienceon order
Dunne, Pete/ Karlson, Kevin T. (CON)Birds of Prey : Hawks, Eagles, Falcons, and Vultures of North Americaon order
Ewing, SusanResurrecting the Shark : A Scientific Obsession and the Mavericks Who Solved the Mystery of a 270-million-year-old Fossilon order
Garland, Michael, 1952- author, illustrator.Birds make nestsJ 598.1564 G
Harari, Yuval N., author.Homo deus : a brief history of tomorrow909.83 H
Ignotofsky, Rachel, 1989-I love science : a journal for self-discovery and big ideason order
Kelly, ScottEndurance : My Year in Space, a Lifetime of Discoveryon order
Nugent, Carrie.Asteroid hunters523.44 N
Price, Steve, 1947- author.America's wild horses : the history of the western mustangon order
Summers, Michael E., author.Exoplanets : diamonds worlds, super-Earths, pulsar planets, and the new search for life beyond our solar system523.24 S
Tucker, Wallace H.Chandra's cosmos : dark matter, black holes, and other wonders revealed by NASA's premier X-ray observatoryon order
Tyson, Neil deGrasseAstrophysics for People in a Hurryon order
Withers, Charles W. J., author.Zero degrees : geographies of the Prime Meridian527.2 W