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Author Title Call #
Abbott, Scott H.Wild rides and wildflowers : philosophy and botany with bikes580 A
Adamick, Mike, author.Dad's book of awesome science experiments : from boiling ice and exploding soap to erupting volcanoes and launching rockets, 30 inventive experiments to excite the whole family!507.8 A
Bennett, Jeffrey O.What is relativity? : an intuitive introduction to Einstein's ideas, and why they matter530.11 B
Blank, Martin, 1933-Overpowered : what science tells us about the dangers of cell phones and other wifi-age devices539.2 B
Chambers, John.From dust to life : the origin and evolution of our solar system523.2 C
Dvorak, John (John J.)Earthquake storms : the fascinating history and volatile future of the San Andreas Fault551.2209 D
Ferreira, Pedro G.The perfect theory : a century of geniuses and the battle over general relativity530.11 F
Goulson, DaveA Sting in the Tale : My Adventures With Bumblebeeson order
Greenberg, Joel (Joel R.)A feathered river across the sky : the passenger pigeon's flight to extinction598.168 G
Greenberg, PaulAmerican Catch : The Fight for Our Local Seafoodon order
Hand, D. J. (David J.), 1950-The improbability principle : why coincidences, miracles, and rare events happen every day519.2 H
Heinrich, Bernd, 1940-The homing instinct : meaning & mystery in animal migration591.568 H
Howell, Steve N. G., author.Rare birds of North America598.097 H
Kolbert, Elizabeth.The sixth extinction : an unnatural history576.84 K
Lister, Adrian, author.Mammoths & mastodons of the Ice Ageon order
Mittermeier, Cristina G.Sublime nature : photographs that awe & inspire779.3 M
Nelson, Craig, 1955- author.The age of radiance : the epic rise and dramatic fall of the Atomic Era539.75 N
Palumbi, Stephen R.The extreme life of the sea591.77 P
Potter, Jennifer, 1949-Seven flowers : and how they shaped our world635.9 P
Primack, Richard B., 1950- author.Walden warming : climate change comes to Thoreau's woodson order
Prud'homme, Alex.Hydrofracking : what everyone needs to know622.3383 P
Rand, TomWaking the Frog : Solutions for Our Climate Change Paralysison order
Shivik, John A.The predator paradox : ending the war with wolves, bears, cougars, and coyoteson order