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Author Title Call #
The best American science fiction and fantasy 2015SCI-FI Best
Boroson, M. H.The girl with ghost eyesSCI-FI Boroson
Bova, Ben, 1932-Death waveSCI-FI Bova
Bujold, Lois McMasterGentleman Jole and the Red Queenon order
Chadwick, Frank.Come the revolutionon order
Clarke, Cassandra Rose, 1983-Our lady of the iceSCI-FI Clarke
Dalglish, David, author.SkybornSCI-FI Dalglish
Elliott, Kate, 1958- author.Black wolvesSCI-FI Elliott
Goodkind, Terry.WarheartSCI-FI Goodkind
Grant, Mira.Chimeraon order
Griffith, Clay.The geomancerSCI-FI Griffith
Treadwell, JamesArcadiaon order
Tregillis, Ian.The risingon order
Weis, Margaret.Doom of the dragonon order