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Author Title Call #
This way to the end times : classic tales of the apocalypseSCI-FI This
Tempest : all-new tales of ValdemarSCI-FI Tempest
Anthony, Piers.Isis orbSCI-FI Anthony
Bishop, Anne, author.Etched in bone : a novel of the otherson order
Bonesteel, Elizabeth, author.Remnants of trust : a Central corps novelSCI-FI Bonesteel
Bova, Ben, 1932- author.Apes and AngelsSCI-FI Bova
Clarke, Neil (EDT)Galactic empireson order
Cogman, GenevieveThe Burning Pageon order
Corey, James S. A., author.Babylon's ashesSCI-FI Corey
Dennett, Daniel C.From Bacteria to Bach and Back : The Evolution of Mindson order
Duncan, Patrick Sheane.Dracula vs. HitlerSCI-FI Duncan
Dyer, ThoraiyaCrossroads of Canopyon order
Feist, Raymond E.King of Asheson order
Foster, Amy Susan, author.The Rift uprisingSCI-FI Foster
Freed, AlexanderRogue One : A Star Wars Storyon order
Gilman, Laura Anne, author.The cold eyeon order
Goodkind, TerryDeath's Mistress : Sister of Darknesson order
Goodkind, Terry, author.Nest : a thrillerGoodkind
Hendee, Barb, author.The dead seekerson order
Johansen, Erika, author.The fate of the Tearling : a novelSCI-FI Johansen
Luceno, James, 1947- author.Star Wars, catalyst : a Rogue One novelSCI-FI Luceno
Masello, Robert, 1952- author.The Jekyll revelationMasello
Parker, Lara, author.Dark shadows. Heiress of CollinwoodParker
Snyder, Maria V.Dawn Studyon order
Tolkin, MichaelNk3on order
Wagers, K. B.After the Crownon order
Weber, David, 1952- author.At the sign of triumphSCI-FI Weber
Wendig, ChuckEmpire's Endon order
Zahn, Timothy, author.Starcraft : evolutionSCI-FI Zahn