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Author Title Call #
Aguirre, Forrest.Heraclix and Pomp : a novel of the Fabricated and the FeySCI-FI Aguirre
Brackston, Paula.The silver witchon order
Brennan, MarieVoyage of the Basilisk : A Memoir by Lady Trenton order
Catling, B. (Brian)The Vorrhon order
Cherryh, C. J.Trackeron order
Cooper, Brenda, 1960-Edge of darkon order
Drake, David, 1945-Into the maelstromon order
Feist, Raymond E.King of Asheson order
Gregory, DarylHarrison Squaredon order
Haig, Francesca.The fire sermon : a novelon order
Kemp, Paul S.Lords of the Sithon order
Liu, Ken, 1976-The grace of kingson order
Marshall, AlexA Crown for Cold Silveron order
Peeler, Nicole, 1978-Jinn and juiceon order
Philip, GillianIcefallon order
Richards, Justin.The suicide exhibitionon order
Tregillis, Ian.The Mechanical : The Alchemy Wars, book oneon order
Trichter, Judd.Love in the age of mechanical reproductionSCI-FI Trichter
Walton, DavidSuperpositionon order
Wright, John C.The Architect of Aeonson order