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Author Title Call #
Abercrombie, Joe, author.Half a kingSCI-FI Abercrombie
Aguirre, AnnHavocon order
Anderson, Kevin J.Slimy Underbellyon order
Andrews, Ilona.Magic breakson order
Armstrong, KelleyVisions : A Cainsville Novelon order
Armstrong, KelleyOtherworld Nights : An Anthologyon order
Byers, Richard Lee, author.The Sundering. The reaverSCI-FI Byers
Cox, Greg, 1959- author.Godzilla : the official movie novelizationSCI-FI Cox
Denning, TroyStar Wars. CrucibleSCI-FI Denning
Doescher, Ian, author.William Shakespeare's the Jedi doth return : Star Wars part the sixth812.6 D
George, David R., III, author.Star Trek. The lost era : one constant starSCI-FI George
Gladstone, Max.Full fathom fiveSCI-FI Gladstone
Goodkind, TerrySevered Soulson order
Haydon, Elizabeth.The merchant emperorSCI-FI Haydon
Herbert, Brian.The little green book of Chairman RahmaSCI-FI Herbert
Hickman, Tracy, author.UnweptSCI-FI Hickman
Hodder, Mark, 1962-The return of the discontinued manSCI-FI Hodder
Johansen, Erika, author.The Queen of the Tearling : a novelSCI-FI Johansen
Lawrence, Mark, 1966-Prince of foolsSCI-FI Lawrence
Liney, Peter, author.The detaineeSCI-FI Liney
Reynolds, Alastair, 1966-On the steel breezeSCI-FI Reynolds
Ringo, JohnIslands of Rage and Hopeon order
Salvatore, R. A.Rise of the Kingon order
Schwab, Victoria.ViciousSCI-FI Schwab
Shea, Kieran.Koko takes a holidaySCI-FI Shea
Stackpole, Michael A., 1957- author.Vol'jin : shadows of the hordeSCI-FI Stackpole
Strieber, Whitley.Alien hunter : Underworldon order
Stross, Charles.The rhesus chartSCI-FI Stross