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Author Title Call #
Anderson, Taylor, 1963-Straits of hellon order
Bacigalupi, PaoloThe Water Knifeon order
Bein, Steve.Disciple of the wind : a novel of the fated bladeson order
Brackston, Paula.The silver witchon order
Brennan, MarieVoyage of the Basilisk : A Memoir by Lady Trenton order
Campbell, Jack (Naval officer).The lost fleet : Beyond the frontier : Leviathanon order
Catling, B. (Brian)The Vorrhon order
Cherryh, C. J.Trackeron order
Downum, AmandaDreams of Shreds and Tatterson order
Feist, Raymond E.King of Asheson order
Flint, Eric (EDT)Grantville Gazette VIIon order
Green, Simon R., 1955-From a drood to a kill : a secret histories novelon order
Greenwood, EdThe Iron Assassinon order
Gregory, Daryl, author.Harrison squaredSCI-FI Gregory
Jaff, Sophie, author.Love is redon order
Johansen, ErikaThe Invasion of the Tearlingon order
Kemp, Paul S.Lords of the Sithon order
Liu, Ken, 1976-The grace of kingson order
Marmell, AriHallow Pointon order
Marshall, AlexA Crown for Cold Silveron order
Martin, Gail, 1962-War of shadowson order
Novik, NaomiUprootedon order
Peeler, Nicole, 1978-Jinn and juiceon order
Philip, Gillian, 1964- author.IcefallSCI-FI Philip
Singh, NaliniShards of Hopeon order
Stephenson, NealSeveneveson order
Sumner-smith, KarinaDefianton order
Walton, DavidSuperpositionon order
Wilson, Robert CharlesThe Affinitieson order
Wright, John C.The Architect of Aeonson order