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Author Title Call #
Adams, John Joseph (EDT)Wastelands 2 : More Stories of the Apocalypseon order
Aguirre, Forrest.Heraclix and Pomp : a novel of the Fabricated and the FeySCI-FI Aguirre
Barnes, JonathanCannonbridgeon order
Brackston, Paula.The silver witchon order
Brennan, MarieVoyage of the Basilisk : A Memoir by Lady Trenton order
Brown, Pierce, 1988-Golden sonSCI-FI Brown
Cherryh, C. J.Trackeron order
Connolly, John, 1968-Empireon order
Cooper, Brenda, 1960-Edge of darkon order
Denning, TroyCrucibleSCI-FI Denning
Drake, David, 1945-Into the maelstromon order
Feist, Raymond E.King of Asheson order
Hastings, Milo, 1884-1957, author.City of endless nightSCI-FI Hastings
Jeter, K. W.Fiendish schemesSCI-FI Jeter
Larke, Glenda, author.The dagger's pathSCI-FI Larke
Lord, Karen, 1968-The galaxy gameSCI-FI Lord
McClellan, Brian, 1986-The autumn republicon order
Mosley, Walter, author.Inside a silver boxSCI-FI Mosley
O'Flaherty, Dennis.King of the Cracksmen : a steampunk entertainmentSCI-FI O'Flaherty
Philip, GillianIcefallon order
Pratchett, Terry.The globe : the science of Discworld IISCI-FI Pratchett
Richards, Justin.The suicide exhibitionon order
Ringo, John, 1963-Strands of sorrowSCI-FI Ringo
Schwab, V. E.A Darker Shade of Magicon order
Sinisalo, Johanna, 1958- author.The blood of angelsSCI-FI Sinisalo
Tregillis, Ian.The Mechanical : The Alchemy Wars, book oneon order
Trichter, Judd.Love in the age of mechanical reproduction : a novelon order
Waggoner, Tim, author.Grimm. The killing timeSCI-FI Waggoner
Walton, DavidSuperpositionon order
Wells, Jaye.Deadly spellson order
Wells, Martha.Stories of the Raksura. Volume one, The falling world & The tale of Indigo and CloudSCI-FI Wells