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Author Title Call #
Ashman, Linda.Samantha on a rollE Ashman
Baker, Keith, 1953-No two alikeE Baker
Beaty, Andrea.Firefighter TedE Beaty
Beaumont, Karen.Who ate all the cookie dough?E Beaumont
Beaumont, Karen.Where's my t-r-u-c-k?E Beaumont
Becker, Bonny.A visitor for BearE Becker
Berkes, Marianne Collins.Over in the forest : come and take a peekE Berkes
Bitterman, A.Fortune cookiesE Bitterman
Brown, Peter, 1979-The curious gardenE Brown
Cabrera, Jane.The wheels on the busJ 782.42 C
Chessa, Francesca.Holly's red bootsE Chessa
Cordell, Matthew, 1975-Another brotherE Cordell
Daddo, Andrew.Goodnight, meE Daddo
Dewdney, Anna.Roly Poly pangolinE Dewdney
Dodd, Emma, 1969-I love bugs!E Dodd
Dodd, Emma, 1969-Dog's colorful day : a messy story about colors and countingE Dodd
Eversole, Robyn.East Dragon, West DragonE Eversole
Falconer, Ian, 1959-Olivia forms a bandE Falconer
Feiffer, Jules.Bark GeorgeE Feiffer
Fleming, Denise, 1950-Beetle bopE Fleming
Freedman, Deborah (Deborah Jane), 1960-Blue chickenE Freedman
Gershator, Phillis.Time for a hugE Gershator
Gore, Leonid.Worms for lunch?E Gore
Gravett, Emily.Monkey and meE Gravett
Gravett, Emily.Orange pear apple bearE Gravett
Griffith, Helen V.MoonlightE Griffith
Hall, Michael, 1954-Perfect squareE Hall
Henkes, Kevin.BirdsE Henkes
Henkes, Kevin.A good dayE Henkes
Holabird, Katharine.Angelina ballerinaE Holabird
Kirk, Katie.Eli, no!E Kirk
Krosoczka, Jarrett.Bubble bath piratesE Krosoczka
Lewis, Kevin.Chugga-chugga choo-chooE Lewis
Martin, Bill, 1916-2004.Chicka chicka boom boomE Martin
McDonnell, Patrick, 1956-Me-- JaneJB GOODALL M
McQuinn, Anna.Lola reads to LeoE McQuinn
Moore, Patrick H., 1959-The mighty street sweeperE Moore
Mortensen, Denise Dowling.Wake up enginesE Mortensen
Murphy, Mary, 1961-Utterly lovely oneE Murphy
Ray, Mary Lyn.StarsE Ray
Rayner, Catherine.Solomon CrocodileE Rayner
Riley, Linnea Asplind.Mouse messE Riley
Scanlon, Elizabeth Garton.All the worldE Scanlon
Seeger, Laura Vaccaro.First the eggE Seeger
Shannon, David, 1959-Duck on a bikeE Shannon
Stead, Philip Christian.A sick day for Amos McGeeE Stead
Stein, David Ezra.Interrupting chickenE Stein
Stileman, Kali.Roly-poly eggE Stileman
Stoeke, Janet Morgan.The Loopy Coop hensE Stoeke
Teckentrup, Britta.Big Smelly BearE Teckentrup
Tillman, Nancy.The crown on your headE Tillman
Tullet, Hervé.Press hereE Tullet
Tusa, Tricia.Follow meE Tusa
Wellington, Monica.Riki's birdhouseE Wellington
Wells, Rosemary.Love wavesE Wells
Willems, Mo.We are in a book!E Willems
Wilson, Karma.HogwashE Wilson
Yee, Wong Herbert.Summer days and nightsE Yee