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Author Title Call #
Man who will comeEVIDEO hoopla
CasablancaDVD C
Friendly persuasionDVD F
Grand illusionFOREIGN DVD G
All quiet on the western front : English dialogue with French and Spanish subtitlesDVD A
Fail-safeDVD F
Sophie's choiceDVD S
Sergeant YorkDVD S
Stop-lossDVD S
Germany, pale mother = Deutschland, bleiche MutterFOREIGN DVD G
The counterfeiters = Die FälscherFOREIGN DVD C
Taxi to the dark sideDVD T
WargamesDVD W
Generation kill.TV DVD G
Good morning, VietnamDVD GOO
Standard operating procedureDVD S
First bloodDVD F
ValkyrieDVD V
Inglourious BasterdsDVD ING
The hurt lockerDVD HUR
Gone with the windDVD GON
PattonDVD P
The diary of Anne FrankDVD D
Full metal jacketDVD FUL
Flame and CitronFOREIGN DVD F
The African QueenDVD A
The lost battalionDVD L
The messengerDVD M
Ride with the devilDVD R
The Red BaronDVD R
Green zoneDVD GRE
The PacificTV DVD P
RestrepoDVD R
Army of crimeFOREIGN DVD A
The Tillman storyDVD T
Fair gameDVD F
Dr. Strangelove : or, How I learned to stop worrying and love the bombBLU RAY D
Fair gameBLU RAY F
Full metal jacketBLU RAY F
Inglourious BasterdsBLU RAY I
Pearl HarborBLU RAY P
Pearl HarborDVD P
Max Manus : man of warFOREIGN DVD M
Beneath Hill 60DVD B
Hamburger HillDVD H
The conspiratorDVD C
Léon Morin, priestFOREIGN DVD L
The patriotDVD P
Dances with wolvesDVD D
StripesDVD S
Tora! Tora! Tora!DVD T
Once an eagleTV DVD O
War horseDVD W
Crossing the lineDVD C
In darknessFOREIGN DVD I
Gods and generalsBLU RAY G
The flowers of warDVD F
The invisible warDVD I
Gods and generalsDVD G
Lawrence of ArabiaBLU RAY L
The bridge on the River KwaiBLU RAY B
The tin drum = Die BlechtrommelFOREIGN DVD T
Schindler's list.BLU RAY & DVD S
Schindler's listDVD S
Zero dark thirtyDVD Z
LincolnDVD L
LincolnBLU RAY & DVD L
Korea : the forgotten war.DVD 951.9042 K
The boy in the striped pajamasDVD B
The front line : last battle of the Korean WarFOREIGN DVD FRO
The sorrow and the pity : chronicle of a French city under the OccupationFOREIGN DVD 940.534 S
La rafle = The roundupFOREIGN DVD R
Cold mountainDVD C
The best years of our livesDVD B
Bridge on the River KwaiDVD BRI
From here to eternityDVD F
Saving Private RyanDVD S
The red badge of courageDVD R
Yankee doodle dandy.DVD Y
Band of brothersTV DVD BAN
The fog of warDVD F
The boys from BrazilDVD B
The english patientDVD E
The Manchurian candidateDVD M
PattonDVD P
The thin red lineDVD T
GettysburgDVD G
A very long engagementFOREIGN DVD V
Dr. Strangelove, or, How I learned to stop worrying and love the bombDVD D
CabaretDVD C
The dirty dozenDVD D
Saving Private RyanDVD S
Au revoir les enfants = Goodbye, childrenFOREIGN DVD A
The great war. The complete history of World War I , Disc 2DVD 940.3 G
The warDVD 940.5428 W
The War of 1812DVD 973.52 W
Kelly's heroesDVD K
Battle HymnDVD B
Why we fightDVD W
Flags of our fathersDVD FLA
Iraq for sale : the war profiteersDVD I
The Burmese harpFOREIGN DVD BUR
Apocalypse now, the complete dossierDVD A
Letters from Iwo JimaDVD LET
Hiroshima mon amourFOREIGN DVD H
No end in sight : Iraq's descent into chaosDVD N
The Panama deceptionDVD 972.87053 P
America at war. Volume [5]. The Civil WarDVD 973 A
America at war. Volume [7]. World War IDVD 973 A
NankingDVD N
America at war. Volume [8]. World War IIDVD 973 A
America at war. Volume [9]. World War IIDVD 973 A
America at war. Volume [11]. The Vietnam WarDVD 973 A
America at war. Volume [12]. The Gulf WarDVD 973 A
America at war. Volume [1], The Revolutionary WarDVD 973 A
America at war. Volume [2]. The Revolutionary WarDVD 973 A
America at war. Volume [3]. The Revolutionary WarDVD 973 A
America at war. Volume [4]. The AlamoDVD 973 A
America at war. Volume [10]. The Korean WarDVD 973 A
America at war. Volume [14]. The Iraq WarDVD 973 A
Forbidden games = Jeux interditsFOREIGN DVD F
The Civil WarDVD 973.7 C
Lone survivorDVD LON
Mrs. MiniverDVD MRS
Hearts and mindsDVD H
Mister RobertsDVD M
Life is beautifulFOREIGN DVD L
1776DVD S
John AdamsTV DVD J
Lawrence of ArabiaDVD LAW
The invisible war.EVIDEO hoopla
Go-ji-jeon: The front line.EVIDEO hoopla
Sophie Scholl: die letzten TageEVIDEO hoopla
Restrepo: [one platoon, one valley, one year].EVIDEO hoopla
La rafleEVIDEO hoopla
Nanjing! Nanjing!.EVIDEO hoopla
L'armée du crime: Army of crimeEVIDEO hoopla
Lone survivorBLU RAY DVD LON
Zero dark thirtyBLU-RAY & DVD ZER
The longest dayDVD L