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Borneman, Walter R., 1952-1812 : the war that forged a nation973.52 B
Budiansky, Stephen.Perilous fight : America's intrepid war with Britain on the high seas, 1812-1815973.52 B
George, Christopher T.Terror on the Chesapeake : the War of 1812 on the Bay973.525 G
Grant, John, 1948-The War of 1812 : a guide to battlefields and historic sites973.52 G
Hickey, Donald R., 1944-The rockets' red glare : an illustrated history of the War of 1812973.52 H
Hickey, Donald R., 1944-The War of 1812 : a short history973.52 H
Howard, Hugh, 1952-Mr. and Mrs. Madison's war : America's first couple and the second war of independence973.52 H
Lord, Walter, 1917-2002.The dawn's early light973.52 L
Sheads, Scott S., 1952-Guardian of the Star-Spangled Banner : Lt. Colonel George Armistead and the Fort McHenry flagB ARMISTEAD S
Shomette, Donald G., 1943-Flotilla : the Patuxent naval campaign in the War of 1812973.52 S
Taylor, Lonn, 1940-The Star-Spangled Banner : the making of an American icon929.92 T
Whitehorne, Joseph W. A., 1943-The battle for Baltimore : the War of 1812 in the Chesapeake Bay973.52 W