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Author Title Call #
Andreasen, Dan.The treasure bathE Andreasen
Anno, Mitsumasa, 1926-Anno's Counting bookE Anno
Aruego, Jose.The last laughE Aruego
Briggs, Raymond.The snowmanE Briggs
Carle, Eric.Do you want to be my friend?.E Carle
Crews, Donald.TruckE Crews
Day, Alexandra.Follow Carl!E Day
Dematons, Charlotte, 1957-The yellow balloonE Dematons
DePaola, Tomie, 1934-Pancakes for breakfastE DePaola
Faller, Régis.Polo and the magic fluteE Faller
Félix, Monique.The oppositesE F'elix
Fleischman, Paul.Sidewalk circusE Fleischman
Franson, Scott E.Un-brellaE Franson
Frazier, Craig, 1955-Bee & BirdE Frazier
Jay, Alison.Welcome to the zoo!E Jay
Lee, Suzy, 1974-WaveE Lee
Lehman, Barbara.TrainstopE Lehman
Mayer, Mercer, 1943-Octopus soupE Mayer
McCully, Emily Arnold.Four hungry kittensE McCully
Newgarden, Mark.Bow-Wow bugs a bugE Newgarden
Nolan, Dennis, 1945-Sea of dreamsE Nolan
Nyeu, Tao.Wonder BearE Nyeu
Raschka, Christopher.A ball for DaisyE Raschka
Riphagen, Loes.Animals home aloneE Riphagen
Rodriguez, Béatrice, 1969-The chicken thiefE Rodriguez
Savage, Stephen, 1965-Where's Walrus?E Savage
Schories, Pat.Jack and the missing pieceE Schories
Schubert, Ingrid, 1953- author.The umbrellaE Schubert
Sís, Peter, 1949-Dinosaur!E Sis
Thomson, Bill, 1963-ChalkE Thomson
Wiesner, David.FlotsamE Wiesner