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Author Title Call #
Andreasen, Dan.The treasure bathE Andreasen
Anno, Mitsumasa, 1926-Anno's Counting bookE Anno
Briggs, Raymond.The snowmanE Briggs
Carle, Eric.Do you want to be my friend?.E Carle
Crews, Donald.TruckE Crews
Day, Alexandra.Follow Carl!E Day
Dematons, Charlotte, 1957-The yellow balloonE Dematons
DePaola, Tomie, 1934-Pancakes for breakfastE DePaola
Faller, Régis.Polo and the magic fluteE Faller
Félix, Monique.The oppositesE F'elix
Franson, Scott E.Un-brellaE Franson
Frazier, Craig, 1955-Bee & BirdE Frazier
Jay, Alison.Welcome to the zoo!E Jay
Lee, Suzy, 1974-WaveE Lee
Lehman, Barbara.TrainstopE Lehman
Mayer, Mercer, 1943-Octopus soupE Mayer
McCully, Emily Arnold.Four hungry kittensE McCully
Newgarden, Mark.Bow-Wow bugs a bugE Newgarden
Nolan, Dennis, 1945-Sea of dreamsE Nolan
Nyeu, Tao.Wonder BearE Nyeu
Raschka, Christopher.A ball for DaisyE Raschka
Riphagen, Loes.Animals home aloneE Riphagen
Rodriguez, Béatrice, 1969-The chicken thiefE Rodriguez
Savage, Stephen, 1965-Where's Walrus?E Savage
Schubert, Ingrid, 1953- author.The umbrellaE Schubert
Sís, Peter, 1949-Dinosaur!E Sis
Thomson, Bill, 1963-ChalkE Thomson
Wiesner, David.FlotsamE Wiesner