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Author Title Call #
Summer days and summer nights : twelve love storiesYA Summer
Ahdieh, Renée, author.The rose and the daggerYA Ahdieh
Alexander, Sarah.The art of not breathingYA Alexander
Anstey, Cindy, author.Love, lies and spiesYA Anstey
Armentrout, Jennifer L., author.The problem with foreverYA Armentrout
Baldwin, Kathleen, author.Exile for dreamersYA Baldwin
Barnes, Jennifer (Jennifer Lynn), author.The long game : a Fixer novelon order
Barraclough, Lindsey, author.The mark of Cainon order
Boecker, Virginia, author.The king slayer : a sequel to The witch hunteron order
Bosworth, Jennifer, author.The killing jarYA Bosworth
Brennan, Sarah Rees, author.Tell the wind and fireYA Brennan
Breslaw, Anna, author.Scarlett Epstein hates it hereon order
Briand, Lucy D., author.Magnetic shiftYA Briand
Brody, Jessica, author.Boys of summerYA Brody
Buxbaum, Julie.Tell me three thingsYA Buxbaum
Calame, Don, author.Dan versus natureYA Calame
Caletti, Deb.Essential maps for the lostYA Caletti
Castle, JenniferWhat Happens Nowon order
Clark, Catherine, 1962- author.Eleven things I promisedYA Clark
Cook, Eileen, author.With maliceon order
Driza, Debra, author.Redemptionon order
Egan, CatherineJulia Vanisheson order
Eshbaugh, JulieIvory and Boneon order
García, Mia, author.Even if the sky fallsYA Garcia
Gilmore, Jennifer, author.We were never hereon order
Goldhagen, Shari, 1976- author.100 days of cakeon order
Goldstein, Lori (Lori A.), author.Circle of Jinnon order
Gout, Leopoldo.Genius : the gameYA Gout
Hamilton, Alwyn, author.Rebel of the sandsYA Hamilton
Hand, Cynthia/ Ashton, Brodi/ Meadows, JodiMy Lady Janeon order
Hartley, A. J.Steeplejackon order
Hartnett, Sonya, author.Golden boysYA Hartnett
Hattrup, KarenFrannie and Truon order
Hoole, Elissa Janine, author.The memory jarYA Hoole
Jennings, JazzBeing Jazz : My Life As a (Transgender) Teenon order
Jude, Sarah, author.The May Queen murdersYA Jude
Levithan, David/ Lacour, NinaYou Know Me Wellon order
Maas, Sarah J., author.A court of mist and furyYA Maas
Mabry, Samantha.A fierce and subtle poisonon order
MacMillan, Kathy, 1975- author.Sword and verseYA MacMillan
Maizel, RebeccaA Season for Fireflieson order
May, Elizabeth, 1987- author.The vanishing throneon order
McCreight, Kimberly, author.The outliersYA McCreight
McNeal, Laura, author.The incident on the bridgeYA McNeal
Noël, Alyson, author.Unrivaledon order
Parks, Kathy (Kathy Hepinstall), author.The lifeboat cliqueYA Parks
Pérez, Ashley Hope, author.Out of darknessYA TB Perez
Portes, Andrea.The fall of butterfliesYA Portes
Ribar, Lindsay, author.Rocks fall, everyone dieson order
Rice, Luanne, author.The secret language of sistersYA Rice
Robertson, John Luke, author.Young and beardless : the search for God, purpose, and a meaningful lifeon order
Roux, MadeleineEscape from Asylumon order
Royer, Ashley.Remember to forgetYA Royer
Smith, Lindsay, 1984- author.Dreamstrideron order
Sniegoski, Tom, author.Savageon order
Strohmeyer, SarahThis Is My Brain on Boyson order
Sun, Amanda, author.Heir to the skyon order
Umminger, Alison, author.American girlson order
Whaley, John Corey, author.Highly illogical behaviorYA Whaley
White, Kiersten, author.And I darkenon order
Williamson, Lisa, 1980- author.The art of being normalon order
Woltz, Anna, author.A hundred hours of nightYA Woltz
Young, Suzanne, author.The epidemicon order
Zink, Michelle, author.A walk in the sunon order