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Author Title Call #
Summer days and summer nights : twelve love storiesYA Summer
Aguirre, AnnInfinite Riskon order
Arnold, David, 1981- author.Kids of appetiteon order
Asher, JayWhat Lighton order
Baldwin, Kathleen, author.Exile for dreamersYA Baldwin
Bardugo, LeighCrooked Kingdom : A Sequel to Six of Crowson order
Barnes, Jennifer (Jennifer Lynn), author.The long gameYA Barnes
Blake, KendareThree Dark Crownson order
Boecker, Virginia, author.The king slayerYA Boecker
Bow, ErinThe Swan Riderson order
Briand, Lucy D., author.Magnetic shiftYA Briand
Brody, Jessica.A week of Mondayson order
Brown, Jaye RobinGeorgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruiton order
Budhos, MarinaWatchedon order
Buxbaum, Julie.Tell me three thingsYA Buxbaum
Cameron, Sharon, 1970- author.The Forgettingon order
Carter, Caela, author.TumblingYA Carter
Castle, Jennifer, author.What happens nowYA Castle
Charlton-trujillo, EuniceWhen We Was Fierceon order
Chee, Traci, author.The reader : sea of ink and goldon order
Cluess, Jessica.A shadow bright and burningon order
Combs, SarahThe Light Fantasticon order
Cook, Eileen, author.With maliceYA Cook
Córdova, Zoraida, author.Labyrinth loston order
Deloza, Lara Zeises, author.WinningYA Deloza
Dunkle, Elena/ Dunkle, Clare B.Elena Vanishingon order
Dunn, Pintip, author.The darkest lieYA Dunn
Elliott, Kate, 1958- author.Poisoned blade : a Court of Fives novelon order
Eshbaugh, Julie author.Ivory and BoneYA Eshbaugh
Etienne, Sara Wilson, author.Lotus and thornYA Etienne
Eve, Laure, author.The Graceson order
Freitas, Donna, author.UnpluggedYA Freitas
Garcia, Kami, author.The lovely recklesson order
García, Mia, author.Even if the sky fallsYA Garcia
Gilmore, Jennifer, author.We were never hereYA Gilmore
Goldhagen, Shari, 1976- author.100 days of cakeYA Goldhagen
Goldstein, Lori (Lori A.), author.Circle of JinnYA Goldstein
Gray, Lucinda, 1983- author.The gilded cageon order
Hand, Cynthia, 1978- author.My lady JaneYA Hand
Hartley, A. J. (Andrew James), author.SteeplejackYA Hartley
Heidicker, Christian McKay, author.Cure for the common universeYA Heidicker
Hodge, RosamundBright Smoke, Cold Fireon order
Jennings, Jazz, author.Being Jazz : my life as a (transgender) teenYA B JENNINGS J
Johnston, E. K./ Wojtowicz, Jason P (CRT)Star Wars Ahsokaon order
Jones, Carrie, 1971- author.FlyingYA Jones
Kennedy, Katie, 1963-Learning to swear in AmericaYA Kennedy
Kirby, Matthew J., 1976- author.A taste for monsterson order
Kuehn, Stephanie, author.The smaller evilon order
Kurtagich, Dawn, author.And the trees crept inon order
Lu, MarieThe Midnight Staron order
Maas, Sarah J.Empire of Stormson order
Mabry, Samantha.A fierce and subtle poisonYA Mabry
Maniscalco, Kerri, author.Stalking Jack the Ripperon order
Mather, Adriana.How to hang a witchYA Mather
Mather, Adriana.How to Hang a Witch
May, Elizabeth, 1987- author.The vanishing throneYA May
McCreight, Kimberly, author.The outliersYA McCreight
McGinnis, MindyThe Female of the Specieson order
McNeal, Laura, author.The incident on the bridgeYA McNeal
Mills, Wendy, 1973- author.All we have lefton order
Mukherjee, Sonya, author.GeminiYA Mukherjee
Olson, Norah, author.What the dead wantYA Olson
Revis, Beth, author.A world without youYA Revis
Rhodes, Morgan, author.The darkest magicYA Rhodes
Ribar, Lindsay, author.Rocks fall, everyone diesYA Ribar
Richmond, Caroline Tung, author.The darkest hourYA Richmond
Riggs, Ransom.Tales of the Peculiar
Rivers, Karen, 1970- author.Before we go extinctYA Rivers
Roux, Madeleine, 1985-Escape from AsylumYA Roux
Sedgwick, Marcus, author.Blood Red snow Whiteon order
Strohm, Stephanie KateIt's Not Me, It's Youon order
Strohmeyer, Sarah, author.This is my brain on boysYA Strohmeyer
Sun, Amanda.Heir to the skyYA Sun
Talley, RobinAs I Descendedon order
Thomas, Rhiannon, author.A wicked thingYA Thomas
Wittlinger, Ellen, author.Local girl swept awayYA TB Wittlinger
Young, Suzanne, author.The EpidemicYA Young